The Red Feedsack Booth!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

This has been one of those months that I have felt like I had absolutely nothing to share with you.   I think sometimes I think my blog posts need to be about some profound thing... instead of just daily living!

So after some thought, I decided to share with you something that I'm doing just to see what happens.  I have a tiny little booth in a local shop on our town square.   And when I say tiny, I do mean tiny!  It is basically an old door with a counter top and shelves built on the lower half.  That's it!

(Above photo taken of our Court House in the Spring.   Oh, how this makes me anxious for Spring!)

Our town has an amazing, busy, active square.  There are numerous antique stores as well as the old original movie theatre and drug store. The Court House sits in the middle of the square and is just the most lovely old building.

The little shop, Pickers On The Square, where I have my booth is a darling little store with all sorts of amazing local talent.

I hesitated to even have a booth and put my things in because they are so different than other booths in the store.  My taste is very vintage farmhouse and not too many people love that look as much as I do!

But here are a few of the things I've made and put in my booth.


Beautiful, happy, 100% cotton quality fabric, aprons!  I decided that if they didn't sell I would bring them all to my kitchen and just enjoy looking at them!

More aprons!  I got a little carried away, I will admit!

Potholder and crochet dishcloth sets
Some of them actually match the aprons!  

 Feedsack Fabric Buntings 

I have a couple of these hanging in my bathroom and they are always, always commented on by guests.  Unfortunately, they don't quite make the impact hanging on this cluttered door like they do hanging from a window with the sun streaming through!

Heart Strings

These are also a little bunting... but with stuffed hearts.  Absolutely darling.  

Gift Tags

I love these tags.  They were so quick and easy to make with craft card stock and fabric scraps sewn on.  Who doesn't always need a little bag of gift tags?

Jars Of Hearts

This was a total accident.  I made way too many stuffed hearts and was too exhausted to make more buntings, so I decorated up some jars and tucked in the hearts!  These were a big hit in my booth.

Hooded Animal Towels

I also made numerous of the hooded animal towels that my little grand-girls love so much.  These are so fun to make.   

Custom Tote Bag

I would love to make more bags.  There are so many kinds and styles.  I really enjoyed making two of the bags in the above picture.  

Essential Oil Bags

And of course I made a couple of my Essential Oil bags that I sell right here on my blog.  

I set a couple stipulations for myself on my little booth.  They are that everything be handmade by me and that I don't stress it or worry about it.  The booth fee is very minimal and I feel like as long as I'm enjoying the process of sewing and selling then it's all good!   

And like my husband said, "If you don't sell anything you've got great gifts for the next year"! 

Happy New Year.... And A Winner!

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year to all of you supportive readers of my blog.  Every now and then I think that I will shut it down... and then I write one more post and am inspired to keep writing and sharing.  Most of it is due to you.  So thank you!  I hope Twenty-Sixteen is a beautiful year for you.  

And now.... 

... the winner of my hand-made potholders and dishcloth is...


(I've sent you an email, Raimie.  I hope the colors work for your kitchen!)

And thank you to everyone that entered my giveaway.  The response was so great... I wish I could send a hand-made package to every one of you!  We may just have to do another give-away soon!

The very best in the New Year to you my friends.