Saturday, October 31, 2015

October Monthly Moos {Getting Ready For Spring... In The Fall}

I think most of you have heard me say many times that Fall is not my favorite time of year.  But I feel like this view from our front porch has changed my mind!  I actually love Fall... what I don't really like is that Winter comes very quickly after it!  Smile!

It seems like this year in Middle Tennessee the Fall colors were more vivid and more beautiful than previous years.  But maybe I just needed it more this year so I was looking closer!  

Eldon has been getting the farm ready for winter by mowing all the hills and pastures.  Things were looking pretty dry after a few weeks of no rain and after he got all the mowing finished we had two solid days of rain.  The farm is green again!  What a great way to go into Winter!

The biggest job that really needed to be done before winter sets in is the Flower Garden.  We had an early freeze the middle of October so our garden was completely finished.  (Another reason I dread Fall maybe?!)  After 3 months of gorgeous flowers, it was very sad to drive down to the flower garden and see it looking like this.  

Eldon took his small John Deere tractor with the little bush hog and completely mowed down all the dead plants.  

It made it much easier to look at!  I'm not kidding you - those dead plants were just too sad for me!  

Then he took off the bush hog, put the tiller on and tilled it thoroughly. 

It took a few passes to get it tilled in.

Then we purchased some Winter Wheat and Clover seed. 

Poured it in this handy spreader hooked up to the Ranger.

And I got to do the easy job of leisurely driving around the garden disbursing the seed... just in time for a wonderful rain!  

The wheat and clover should grow all winter, creating what is called Green Manure.  The clover is very high in nitrogen and when tilled back into the soil in the spring it will make for a more nitrogen rich soil.  The wheat will also put nutrients back into the soil and will help in weed and erosion control.   

So see?  We are already getting ready for Spring!  Yay!!!  

And in other news...

I took a trip to Colorado to visit our son and daughter in law (and had the best time ever)...

... and then I had a wonderful vacation in Estes Park, CO with two of my best girlfriends...

... and came home from that trip to girlfriend company from Washington ....

And now it is time to settle in and take the advice of my very dear friend, Luanne... embrace winter!!  I have a lot of sewing to enjoy!  

P.S.  For all of you that ordered Essential Oil bags from me... THANK YOU!!!  It has been so much fun choosing fun colors, sewing bags and getting them in the mail.  I'm hearing over and over that they are for Christmas gifts and what a great idea.  Feel free to read about them here and contact me via email at if you are interested in having one made for yourself or for a gift!  

Thursday, October 8, 2015

This Bag Is Essential!

 I've had so many requests for more information on purchasing my Essential Oil bags I am writing a post to give more detailed information to anyone that might be interested in purchasing one for yourself or someone else.  

These bags are really awesome.  First of all, I only use quality fabric so they will wash well and last great.   And fabric is my favorite thing in the world so I really enjoy putting together fun colors and styles!

The bag itself is padded and lined, as well as the little pockets for the oil bottles.  When I went out of town recently I just tossed my oil bag in my suitcase and never had to give any worry about the bottles breaking.  

The bags are a great size:  10 inches wide, 7 inches tall and 4 inches deep.  

There are 10 padded pockets attached to the inside of the bag and four removable inserts with 3 pockets each.  That gives you spots for 22 bottles of oil!   Two of the inserts fit in the bottom of the bag and the other two stack on top.  Even with all the pockets full, the bag still zips closed nicely.

The great thing about the removable inserts is that if you want to take a few oils in your purse, you can use these little inserts for that.  They are padded and keep your oils safe.  

I am charging $40 per bag and that includes priority shipping.

Please email me at  if you are interested in purchasing a bag and we can go from there with your color choices!

 I will do everything I can to get your bag made quickly and on its way to you!

Could there be any better gift for that favorite oily person in your life?  

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Sew Many Bags!

I've been on this kick lately of sewing these fun little cloth bags.  

My favorite I think is the bag I made to hold Essential Oils.  I was with my daughter on a little road trip recently and I noticed that she was carrying some of her oils in an old eyeglass case!  I thought to myself that I needed to make her a bag for them.  It came out so nicely that I'm not sure exactly how many I've made now and given for gifts!  

I love mine.  It is just my bright and cheerful colors and makes me happy just to look at it!  It holds my oils in perfect place so I don't have to dig through to find them.  

They are also perfectly protected with the padded pockets and sides of the bag.  

Every time Jillian, my little seven year old grand-daughter, sees one of the bags she asks for one of her own.  I've been thinking what kind of bag I could make for her and her little sister that would be fun for them.  

I finally came up with an idea and I was so excited to dig through my fabric scraps and make them their own tiny little bags.  

These bags are a fun size.  They are about 6 inches wide by about 7 inches tall.  Absolutely perfect size for what I had in mind.   (Don't you love the little boxed corners?  It makes the little bags more "professional" looking!)  

 I know you're wondering what these girls need such darling little bags for, right?   Have you heard of the mini Lalaloopsy dolls?  Jillian and Rosetta love them.   They are so bright and cheerful, they have moveable legs and arms and are just so cute.  

I ordered the girls some new mini Lalaloopsy dolls from Amazon and they just fit perfectly in the little bags!   I mean have you seriously seen anything so cute?  I think there are hundreds in the collection - I kind of want them all!  Smile!

I've got them all in the little bags ready to give to the girls tomorrow and I can hardly wait!  

What have you been sewing lately?  

Happy Fall, friends.  

Friday, September 25, 2015

Still Blooming {And A Winner!}

Letting go of summer is very hard for me.    Eldon asked me when I was going to decorate our farm entrance in my fall decor and I sort of shuddered!  

I keep questioning why I'm like this, when everyone around me is so excited about fall being here.  But standing in our Farm Fresh flower garden last night I had my answer.  Letting go of anything you've loved and enjoyed is hard.  

As I stood there and gazed at our beautiful flowers I felt like I could relate to the plants so well.  The plants are tired from the long hot summer.  Sort of wilted and beaten down a bit.  Definitely not the vibrant green and strong plants they were a month ago.  

But they are still happy and still working to put a smile on their face and bloom.  Do you ever feel like that?  

I think that is exactly how I feel.  Tired and a bit beaten down from a summer of hard work, but hanging on with every fiber because it was such a happy summer.  

So until the first freeze comes and puts a stop to the blooming.... you'll find me in the garden with a big smile on my face.

And maybe, just maybe, I might drag out some energy to leave the garden and put some fall decorations up!   

The above picture of the little frog in our garden is how I feel... I'll just sit here and hang on to this leaf!   Thank you to all my amazing readers for always writing, encouraging and helping me ease into the change of the season!  

And finally!  We have a book winner! 

Lyn Moon is our winner!

P.S.  Andrea and I have a wedding we are providing all the flower arrangements for on Saturday.  Get ready for a blog post on that (probably from both of us!) in a few days!