My Coffee Spot

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Living in a travel trailer can be very challenging when it comes to space. In the corner of the "living room" we have a great little (ugly) corner cabinet that is meant for a television. Well, seeing as how we do not watch television I ended up using this empty corner as a catch-all. It was driving me crazy. I recently decided it would be a perfect Coffee Spot.   Here is my redo!

This is what the cabinet looked like before I did anything.  See what I mean by ugly?  One thing I had a lot of that I had no where to display were snapshots of friends and family.  I decided to make some fabric covered bulletin boards and put them on the wall in here. 

These were the first two that I made.  I love vintage feedsack fabric so that is what I used in different bright colors.

These were the other two I made.  There was only room for the four of them. 

Once I got them up, I could finally picture in my mind a little Coffee Spot!  I attached all my photos of special people,  set up my coffee pot, hung my Anthropologie cups that I think make coffee taste so amazing, my special cookbooks, my ceramic basket for tea bags, and a few other things and it was perfect.  I love my little corner Coffee Spot!

One thing I've learned since living in a travel trailer is that we only have room for the things that warm our heart and make us happy.  Anything that doesn't fit that bill gets put back in storage (or in the trunk  of my car til I can get to our storage unit!).  Having all my special colorful things around me has really made living in such tight quarters not so bad!  (On a side note - the exterior walls are up on our house and we've begun on the interior.  There is hope for a house in sight!)

If you are interested in making the fabric covered bulletin boards, I will post a tutorial here in the next few days.  It is a very simple, cheap project with very cheerful results! 

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  1. A very cute "little corner" that you made Dori!!
    Seems cozy!

    Sheri M.

  2. very cute & a terific idea!! can't wait for the tutorial on the photo boards!!! they would make great fun gifts for my grand-daughters!

  3. Cute idea! I like how it looks organized. Plus I LOVE Coffee!!

  4. Ohh, I love it. We lived in our camper for 6 months with 3 kids while building our house a couple of years ago. I get what you're going through! It seems like you are blooming where you've been planted, tho! Hugs, Janell

  5. Love what you did, I need to do something like this with my coffee area. I am the only one in the house that drinks it... Can't wait to see how you did the fabric covered boards. I have a kuerig too and I LOVE IT!!!

  6. I just love it! I am a "mug snob" too...some mugs just make coffee taste special;) Can't wait to see your tutorial!

    Bonnie S. from Oregon:)

  7. After I got a Keurig I wanted to make a special coffee spot for it too! Had to do a bit of re-arranging and also added my particular "mug-snob" collection to it. Now it makes me smile everytime I go get coffee!

  8. What a transformation! You're really making the best of a small space! Thanks so much for sharing at Beautify It Monday - We hope you'll come back next week!

  9. Dear Coffee Spot,

    Good Morning, I feel like I just popped in for coffee (well almost...just missing your voice inviting me in ha!) We have had two little spells of 'camper-living' in our memories!

    A sweet little spot you have created, and the cups are darling.

    smiles & coffee

  10. what a fun idea, my hubby Bert Allen Floyd-Sarah's father would love to homestead and build our own place but land is too expensive...

  11. Nice and cute idea .. i like how it looks organized..!!!

  12. Very nice idea !!I also want to do something like this in my coffee area...