Sewanee for the Fourth!

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Fourth of July!
I think maybe, just maybe, we started a new family tradition today.  The July issue of Southern Living Magazine featured the little town of Sewanee, Tennessee.  They had a great one page write-up about the July 4th festivities in this town and when  I realized it is less than an hour from our new home here in the South we decided to go for the day.  

Just a little bit of information about Sewanee.  It is home to the University of the South; the University is on approximately 14,000 acres of gorgeous Tennessee "mountain" country!  The buildings on the campus are amazing.  I wasn't able to get as many pictures as I would've liked but here is a little glimpse.  Sewanee itself is just a little blip on the map, but what a fun place with gorgeous homes.  

This building is the Administration Building!

My husband and I with our precious grand-daughter on the steps of one of the old churches on the campus. 

One of the things recommended in Southern Living was Julia's Fine Foods Cafe.  We could hardly wait for lunch.  As a matter of fact we were in line before the cafe opened at 11:00!

I absolutely love fish (or shrimp) tacos and have eaten them at so many restaurants that I've combined serveral of my favorites to make my own yummy shrimp tacos.  These Phish Tacos were especially recommended in Southern Living so of course I ordered them.  

All I can say is WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  They were by far the best I've ever eaten.  They also had ice tea that was just amazing!

This darling little shop, The Lemon Fair, looked so fun.  Unfortunately, it was closed.

The one gas station in town.  Love it!

 This is just one of the many beatiful homes along the main road through the little town up to the campus.  There were too many beautiful ones to choose from! 

Best of all was time spent with my precious grand-daughters!

Jillian, Gram, and Rosetta! 

There were all kinds of craft booths.  One was selling darling little old fashioned wooden toys.  We had to get a little duck for Jillian and wooden horses for both girls.  The little wooden horses were only $5.00 each.  Can you believe that?

It was such a perfect day.  Loved everything about the town and the celebration.  Not too many people, lots to see and do, good food, plenty of lemonaide stands (smile), live music, parade and fireworks.  Next year we'll go early and stay late!

What did you do for the wonderful Independence Celebration?  I hope your day was lovely. 


  1. What a great day! Wish I was with you!

  2. The pictures of the kids are so cute! I love how Jillian's hair is done...did Andrea always do it that way, or does Jilly like it now that we did it that way when we were there? :)

    Phil & Maria are here (at my parents') for a few days so today was full of swimming (in the rain) and eating & playing. Hugs to you all--miss you! -- Ginny

  3. Such a fun, fun day! Can't wait to go again. :-) Your pictures are great!

  4. Looks like such a fun day in a quaint little town. Your granddaughters are gorgeous!

  5. Dear Dorikins,
    That looks SO fun! Small town 4th of July celebrations never fail to thrill me... we live in the "4th of July Capital of NE". :)

    Happy and Free in NE

  6. Hey girl! I just saw this post. Sewanee is gorgeous. I had a friend who went to the University there years ago. So glad you guys got to go and enjoyed it so much!

    Your pictures are just precious with those beautiful granddaughters.

  7. Wow! What a beautiful town. Who knew that such gorgeous architecture could be right in our own backyard? Thanks for sharing. :)