The Ranch

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

This is my parents ranch in New Mexico. It is where my mother was raised.  It is where I spent many, many weekends of my childhood.  If you look at the map of New Mexico, the ranch is located in the "boot hill" of New Mexico.  Recently, my husband and I went to spend some time with my parents and went to The Ranch for a few of those days.  My parents do not live here full-time, I guess you would call this their second home!
 As we drove along the dirt road to the ranch that was homesteaded by my grandparents before my mother was even born, the memories of my childhood were so overwhelming.  I remember my parents dropping us kids off with our bicycles and we rode them the rest of the way;  I remember sometimes the wind blowing so badly that all you could see was dust for miles and miles;  I remember my Grand-dad meeting us on his horse and letting me sit behind him on the saddle as we rode the rest of the way. 

This is the old house.  My grandmother and my grandfather built it when they were a newly married couple in the thirties.  It is built out of twelve inch thick adobe blocks.  It is amazing how warm and cozy this house is.  My grandparents have been gone for many years but when I stepped into the house it was like they were still there.  I love that my mother hasn't changed a single thing in the house. 

My grandmothers cast iron skillets, seasoned to perfection! 

This is the window above the kitchen sink.  Everything exactly how it was when my grandmother was alive.  From the mirror hanging to the old bottles to the ice pick sticking in the hole.  (Don't ask me why but that was always where the ice pick belonged!)  Notice the thick walls. 

I just loved being there and seeing all the old things that were my grandmothers'.  She didn't have much, or anything really special but it was her home and it was wonderful. 

My grandmother saved funny little things that we kids had given her and it was fun to dig around in the china cabinet and look at some of the little things. 

The coolest thing were the records, still in their rack next to the record player in the living room!  My Mom said, "We still listen to them"!

And that night we did!

Things were pretty much unchanged on the outside too.  The old water tank...

 and the tool shed...

the old wash buckets...

the classic tractors...

and the windmill.

The land is so dry and so dusty, it is hard to believe that anyone can still ranch there.  A person can look at my pictures and just get a feeling of remote, lonely and dreary.  I look at the pictures and I'm thankful for all the wonderful childhood memories of time with my grandparents there on The Ranch.  I'm thankful it is still in the family today.

These are my wonderful parents.  Mom is sorting ear tags and immunizations for the calves, Dad is getting branding equipment ready.  They are true blue New Mexico Ranchers! 

My mother wrote a book about her Mother's life in this area of New Mexico.  It is such a wonderful book full of history, pictures, letters, poems, and other memorabilia.  Click here for information about the book and how to order it. 

Hope you are having a wonderful week!


  1. Dori, what beautiful memories of your family and their farm! Your story evoked so many of mine. I loved seeing your grandmother's iron skillets on the stove. I could just see her using those everyday as my grandmother did when she prepared a meal. I always look forward to seeing your blog posts. Hope everything is going well as you build your new home.
    Take care.

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet comments. And yes, everything is going well with building... finishing up insulation this week! Yay!


  2. I love this post and I'm so glad you shared the photos. It's like stepping back in time and brings back such good memories for me too. I love that Nana hasn't changed a thing... I remember the records and the bottles on the window sill... I always loved going there.

  3. I loved this and remember going out there too to visit...riding in the back of a truck (maybe rabbit hunting I think that happened once there) and I remember once your Grandma was going on a trip (maybe a cruise or something) and we were talking about what she was packing. Loved being with all you! Love you guys! Edie

  4. Hi, this is a blessing! Thank you for sharing this with us out here.
    I love the pictures of the kitchen window with the bottles and ice pic
    and the one with the old dented well worn and used wash buckets. I love
    the picture of your mom sorting ear tags for the cows and behind her on the
    wall hanging up is a spoon and two soup ladles.....great ranch/farm house decor....
    not magazine perfect....just true and authentic and genuinely cozy! This
    was a day when people worked hard and hard work was a 'good' thing!
    Thank you again for sharing this...

  5. I so enjoyed your memories! And those walls look quite sturdy and I'm sure enclose you with warmth and love.

  6. Oh such wonderful memories to treasure! Thanks for sharing..
    Came over from Cozy Little House.

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  8. What a heartwarming post. I can feel how much you treasure your memories and how much you loved your grandparents. :D Thanks for sharing these things and your life! Have a great year!

    - Darren Lanphere -