September Monthly Moos {Except It Isn't September Anymore}

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Okay, so it isn't September anymore.  I honestly thought there were 31 days in September! 
I've written this blog post a hundred times in my mind; but never could actually pull it together!  Honestly,  there really wasn't much news on the farm this month! 
I went around the farm to try to get some pictures for you.  Belle goes crazy with excitement whenever I get my camera out!  And when I tell her to Sit and Stay?  She wiggles on her tummy and then jumps and runs!  She literally was airborn in the above picture.
This little steer, Sam, loves Belle.  She will sometimes sit still for him!  Sort of.
Promise has finally decided she's an animal and spends most of  her time with the cows now.  Someday I'll tell you her story.
But the very best thing on the farm is when the little grand-girls come to visit!  Which, luckily, is a whole lot!  Jillian is a wonderful big sister to Rosetta and makes sure to take care of her when they are traipsing the farm!
I had my zoom lens on my camera and happened to catch this picture from a good distance away.  Not exactly sure what they were talking about, but isn't it precious?
The Hickory tree is dropping her nuts and the girls asked for baggies to collect some.  Jillian said, "I think I'll take these home to Momma.  She can decorate with them"!!!  {Smile!}
There isn't much that makes me as happy as these little girls!
I've been working inside our house trying to make it feel more like a home.  Eldon has been building some amazing shelves and things in our closets and this week built me the freestanding pantry cabinet of my dreams.  It fits perfectly in the spot in the laundry room that I had tagged for just such a thing.  I hope to show you some pictures soon! 
My struggle with my new house has been this:  when I got all my boxes out of storage and excitedly opened them up to unpack all my favorite living room things that I so lovingly packed over two years ago....  I don't like them anymore!  Or I do still like them, they just don't go in this house.  So.... other than furniture, our living room is sitting bare.  I finally found some fabric I love for the curtains and so I think I can build it from here! 
I hope your September didn't go by quite as quickly as mine did. 
 Honestly, didn't September used to have 31 days????


  1. Dori, you are too cute!! Your farm is lovely! Jillian and Rosetta are just adorable!!! I am so happy for you. :D

  2. The grandlittles are adorable as always! :)

  3. The grandlittles are adorable as always! :)

  4. Beautiful picture of your granddaughters. :)

  5. I love your updates, the farm and animals are beautiful! Your grandkids are precious. I have the same fear about my decorations I packed away a year and a half ago while we are remodeling a house we bought and selling the one we are living in. I keep thinking it will be fun to discover new/old things to decorate with! I love to go antiquing and thrifting to find my treasures;)

  6. Grandkids are my favorite as well!!! I love how Jillian was thinking of Mama and what would make her happy. And..I think there is a rhyme about the months of the year but my husband and I like to say "30 days has September, all the rest I don't remember." ;)

  7. Wonderful edition of the Monthly Moos! Big hugs!

  8. Your granddaughters are so precious. I wish I had been as good a "big sister" as Jillian is. I always think of me and my sister when I see the photos of your grands. You are so blessed. Happy October!

  9. Lovely post! I think September did go by too quickly as well. Your farm is so beautiful and I am sure your granddaughters love to visit and see all the animals. It is nice to meet you and visit your blog.

  10. September DID go by quickly! I love your photos of the animals, especially Sam and Belle, and your adorable granddaughters. How wonderful that Belle has so much open space to run free -- I'm sure she's one happy dog. And your grandkids are lucky to be so close to you and your wonderful farm.

  11. Such cute little girls, and unfortunately my September just flew by!

  12. Um, yes, September flew by after August was just a second long. . . Those sweet, darling girls! I have two little great nieces about the same age and they bring so much joy to our family. Looking forward to hearing the story of Promise!