Repurposing A Rocket Crate {And Other Farm Happenings}

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Recently we were invited to our son-in-laws parents farm in Alabama for the day and my daughter and daughter-in-law and I did some exploring around the farm.  We came across a covered stall in the old barn that was chock-full (and I do mean full) of ammunition crates.  My son-in-laws father very eagerly told us we could have as many as we wanted.  Ummmm how about the whole barn full?  (smile)

I brought home a few.  I've found amazing uses for all three of them and think I need a few more!

I had an idea to use one for my Fall decorating but decided it was just a tad bit rustic and splintery for my living room, so I took the mouse sander to it and cleaned it up a bit. 

I removed the lid, but left the hardware on the box.

I was really happy with how it cleaned up.

I finished it up by rubbing on a coat of tung oil.  I love that stuff.  It really brings the life into old wood.  I put a burlap runner on my coffee table and plopped the crate on it and got busy.

I totally love how it came out.  When I first brought it in, I could tell Eldon was a bit sceptical! 

I used a few of my favorite things.  Old Readers Digest Condensed Books, an old bottle found on my son's farm, some lavendar sachets from my friend Ann (On Sutton Place), pinecones, leaves and acorns from around our farm. 

It was such a fun, easy project with such awesome results.

I've really been focusing on my living room and getting it to look a bit more like home.  I've been amazed at how hard its been for me with a brand new house to make it a home. 

 This was a simple thing that helped a whole lot! 

I've been really enjoying my old bottles and have had fun moving them around til I found the perfect home for them on top of my piano. 

A few sprigs of fresh Mums from my plants outside and it really brought the color in!

These old jars really fit in our new farmhouse!

The Fall colors on our hilltop were amazing this year and every morning when we got up and looked out the window I was amazed all over again at the beauty. 

And the last bit of news; and certainly the BEST news of the month is that my precious parents came from New Mexico for a week.  I wish we could've had them longer.  But we soaked in every minute and loved every bit of the week. 

We had all kinds of family time with all of us together and cooking in my new kitchen was the funnest thing ever!  The above picture was snapped with my cell phone, so not the greatest quality but I love the picture with both my girls and my Momma.

Now we have more company flying in next week - one of my dearest friends, her husband and family are coming from Arizona (and Texas) for an ENTIRE WEEK!  Having this new house is sure fun!! 

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  1. Loved what you did with the ammunition box. Very creative. I'm glad you had a nice visit with your mom and dad, with more friends on the way. I live in Phoenix, Arizona and I know we have some beautiful scenery too. But goodness, your view is spectacular. Especially in the Fall. Kathleen

  2. I love the ammunition box and the jars. I started collecting jars a while ago. They're so useful! When they get dusty, a quick trip through the dishwasher and they're beautiful and sparkly again. The picture of all the "girls" is perfect. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I live in Huntsville, so you are not far. Love your home and you wonderful ideas.

  4. I love your taste and your way of putting lovely things together. What a lovely home you have built, and what a wonderful view you have!

  5. I'm so glad you had a good visit with your parents! Times to treasure for sure. Thank you so much for mentioning the are the best. Enjoy your weekend and your company...Ann

  6. You're amazing! Now I know where your daughter gets it from.. (smile!)

    Love that far off and away view you've got going on, there.

  7. Oh my, the wood on that box is wonderful - and what you did with it looks so good! I spotted some young women happily taking apart a wood palette right there in the middle of our town. A business was throwing it out and they were going to take the most rustic/gray-ish pieces. We discussed our love of old wood :)

  8. Your family is lovely. Wow I love the crate idea. You could have your own design on line site. Love it!

  9. Wow love what you did with the wood box...can't wait to see what you will create with the others. Love your home and taste....what a blessed family you have.

  10. just love what you did with the ammunition box!...looks great!
    I'm sure your living room is just beautiful and how beautiful
    are your folks!!!...what fun to have so much company in your new

  11. Beautiful!! The box, your decor, your scenery, and you girls!