Simple Burlap Wreath

Monday, March 3, 2014

I've been wanting so badly to get outside and clean our porches and get them ready for spring.  But, unfortunately there haven't been very many days that were warm enough to do much outside!  So, instead I decided to make a new wreath for my door!

I chose to make an extremely simple one with a straw wreath and some burlap garland.  Both were very inexpensive at Walmart.  

All I did was use my hot glue gun to glue the edge of the garland in place.  (I chose not to remove the plastic wrap on the wreath.)

After gluing down the edge, I just started wrapping the wreath with the garland, pulling it tight as I went.  When it was completely covered, I cut the burlap and glued the edge down onto the back.

Very simple!  Now you can choose to garnish your wreath any way that you would like.  I decided to start with some old vintage buttons I have.  

I stuck with a monochromatic color palette (I know, that is very strange for me!).  But I had made wreaths for both of my daughter's and I really like the black/brown/grey/white look.  And maybe I chose those buttons because in my can of vintage buttons those are mostly the colors that are there!

I didn't really use any rhyme or reason on where I put the buttons.  But I did just adhere them to one half of the wreath, as I had plans for the other half.  

Just one little dab of hot glue is all it takes to stick them on.

I then made four burlap roses.  I would go through the step by step tutorial on them but I found the idea on another blog and her tutorial was so great there is no sense in me trying to do it better.  You can find that here.  

In order to get the roses to really fit on the wreath the way I wanted, I used my scissors to poke a deep hole into the burlap and through the straw wreath.  I then filled that hole with hot glue and stuck my rose stem right in the hole and held it tightly until it stuck.

The roses were really fun to make and as a matter of fact, while I was working on these I made a few more out of some vintage patriotic fabric so that I can put them on another wreath in the summer.  They are a little addicting to make and once you get started you can't quit!

I stepped outside into the freezing cold and hung it on my door, snapped some pictures and it wasn't until I uploaded them onto my computer that I saw I had gotten a few Momma cows and a new baby in the reflection of the glass door!  It's a common sight from our porch.

There you have it.  A very simple burlap wreath.  

I hope your March is off to a great start.  We had a lovely day here on the farm yesterday with fellowship, friends and yummy food!  And now we are really hoping for some nice spring weather as Eldon is gearing up to begin work on his barn!  


  1. I positively love love love to see pictures of your home and your land. It makes my heart sing.

  2. What a fun project for a wintry day! I love your Buttons cup, chipped enamelware is one of my favorite things. I have lots of it in my kitchen. I think we are all looking forward to warmer days and getting outside!


  3. Love your porch photos, the cows and those buttons. Man, oh man!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Love the buttons. Love the enamelware cup you keep them's all perfect!

  5. I love your wreath. The buttons are a neat addition. Such a nice way to welcome guests into your home!

  6. I love this! Such a nice, simple wreath to welcome friends and family. I also have a jar of buttons that I've amassed over the years. I was wondering what to do with them!