Monday, July 20, 2015

A Farmhouse Tablecloth

I've been on the look for quite awhile for a simple, everyday tablecloth for my round dining room table.   I have several tablecloths that I use for company when I have the table pulled open to its full length.  And I even have some very favorite vintage tablecloths that fit it when it is closed to the round size, but they are vintage and special and I don't really like using them for everyday. 

I was totally fine sewing it myself, but the problem is that I didn't really find the fabric that was what I had in mind.  And I was set on something Farmhouse!

About a month ago, a blogging friend wrote a post entitled, "Five Favorite Farmhouse Fabrics".  My daughter read it first and called me to tell me to look at it.  One of the fabrics she talked about was grain sack, which was exactly what I was wanting.  But have you ever priced the real grain sack fabric on ebay?  Pretty much way over my budget for a "use everyday" tablecloth!

But this fabric, offered through Decor Steals (here), is a reproduction.  And it is totally perfect!

It comes in blue, red, or tan stripes.  I chose tan because I wanted it to blend with the colors in my dining room curtains.  

It also goes very well with the shades on the light above the table.

The fabric is a nice weight and the texture is very much grain sack!  It's actually kind of hard to believe it is a reproduction.  

The fabric comes in 3 yard lengths, which is the perfect length for an eight foot table.   The  long edges are finished, so all you need to do is hem the ends.  Since I wanted mine for the small round table, I only used 2 yards of the fabric, so I'm excited to have a yard left for another project.  

The very best thing of all?  Stains come out so easily and it doesn't need ironing!  Straight from the dryer to the table, wrinkle free!  My favorite kind of tablecloth.

It fits just fine with my modern, bright colored Fiesta Ware dishes.

And with my vintage 80's Fiesta Ware.

It's totally perfect and I love it.  

(Flowers courtesy of our flower garden - the happiest place on the farm these days!)


  1. I love it! Really pretty and it compliments your room just lovely!

  2. I like the way the Fiesta and the flowers look together. And the tablecloth is a perfect neutral background for the lovely colors! Roma

  3. This looks so lovely! It seems to be a very nice weight too. I am, and always have been a fan of tablecloths. I know some people don't use them because of the upkeep, but they add so much to the table in terms of color, pattern and atmosphere. I don't mind laundering or ironing them. The fabric is a great price too.

  4. What a great find and solution for you, Dori! I love how the texture and color work well with all the fun colors of your Fiesta Ware too. Score!!

  5. Hi Dori, Ann is one of my favorite bloggers too. Love her style, like yours and your daughters. I'm glad she sent you Ann's post and Decor Steals fabrics. Beautiful with your color scheme and how the colorful plates and flowers brightly cheers up your retro farmhouse kitchen. Kathleen in Az

  6. Oh what a good find! It looks perfectly at home in your dining room.

  7. Oh my!! I love every bit of this.. and even had to check out the site you linked to.
    Thank you!!!!!!!!

  8. Nice!
    Dori have you ever seen "miss mustard seed" blog? Check it out sometime. She does furniture painting and décor stuff.

  9. Dori...what a lovely post. I love the table cloth. I have a 7 feet farmhouse table that my husband built. This would look lovely on it. Thank you for sharing.

  10. Dori, your tablecloth is beautiful! I also love the napkins! Tell me, Did you make them? The fabric is beautiful as is the covered button trim. If you did make them, Will you share the directions? Blessings!

  11. I've been searching everywhere for fabric like this. Thanks for the information! And, I love, love your dining room!!

  12. I really appreciate your professional approach. These are pieces of very useful information that will be of great use for me in future.

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