Rosetta Turns Five {Edward And Elizabeth Get Bunk Beds!}

Saturday, July 9, 2016

My  littlest grand-daughter, Rosetta, turned five.  I can hardly believe how quickly the years have flown.  She is such a special little strawberry blonde headed little girl and reminds a lot of people of me when I was little.   It warms my heart every time I hear it!  

She loves her little twin American Girl baby dolls.  She named them Edward and Elizabeth and she never spends the night with us that they aren't both tucked into a pallet on the floor next to her bed.

So when my daughter suggested that maybe Eldon and I make a little doll bed for her birthday, I knew right away it had to be bunk beds.  Eldon spent a few evenings building the beds and I painted them to match the bed in her big girl bedroom.  

(The plans he followed are here.)

I found fabric that matches her own bedding to perfection and I made little mattresses, sheets, flannel blankets, doll quilts, pillow cases and a pillow sham for each bed.  

The little pillow cases and shams were very quick and easy to make and they really dress up the little bed a lot! 

I made the quilts in just a very simple pattern and machine quilted on the diagonal.  They were so simple to make and went together so quickly.  I also made little flannel blankets by sewing a quick hem on a piece of flannel.  I made those large enough to actually wrap her babies in. 

Rosetta has a little bit of a hard time pronouncing her "r's" and so when she opened the package and saw the bunk beds she said (over and over again), "OH MY WOOD, OH MY WOOD"!!!  That is my best memory of the day!!!  And then she got her babies and put them to bed!

Sewing for my little grand-girls is always so rewarding to me.  I think I could say it rates right up there as one of my favorite things!  You can never go wrong! I think my husband would say the same thing about building for them too!  

Happy Fifth Birthday to my most precious little strawberry blonde grand-girl!