The Cutest Little Pig!

Sunday, January 29, 2017

This darling little pig moved into my sewing room today!  I've been on the look-out for a sweet little vintage animal planter for a fun little pin cushion project and this darling little pig was just the one!  I though I'd share the project - it's easy and such a great gift for someone.  Or to brighten up your sewing room!

You will need:
Vintage ceramic planter (found on eBay or antique store)
Fabric scrap
Small felt scrap
Needle and thread
Pillow stuffing
Glue Gun

Cut your fabric scrap into a large circle and hand sew a gathering stitch around the edge of your fabric circle.

Pull the thread, forming a pocket.

Stuff the little pocket with pillow stuffing and close the pocket by pulling the thread tight and tying a knot to keep it closed.

Take the small piece of felt, cut it into a circle and glue that on to the little pocket to close off the opening nicely.

Set aside the little pin cushion and run a bead of hot glue along the top of the planter.  

Quickly stick your pin cushion in the hole and you're done!

I just think this little pig pincushion is the sweetest little addition to my sewing room!  

Happy Sewing and Crafting, friends!  


  1. Well isn't that the cutest pincushion ever and a happy little fella too:). Hope everything is doing well and I'm very excited for your daughter and family building their home near you!
    Kathleen in Az

  2. That is so adorable! Love how you made something vintage purposeful!

  3. Oh I love that idea, Happy sewing friend.

  4. I remember the little animal planters my Grandmother had! What a nice little idea to make a pincushion.

    Take care.

  5. So cute, he is ready to help! Happy to see a post today! Would love to see your items in the store you sell at! Remember I ordered the apron set from that post? Maybe she has a FB page somehow then maybe post weekly items for sale. Just a thought to help her and you.

    Sincerely, Robin in NYC

  6. I love those little old planters! Since we don't use them as planters any more, I love the idea of repurposing them into pin cushions. There are so many cute variations too.

  7. Hi Dori and Happy 2017!! I love those darling planters that were popular back in the 1940s and 50s. You fixed up this little pig in such a cute and useful way. What a great idea and unique gift too.

  8. adorable!! I want to try this with a very small vintage teapot!!!

  9. Dori-I just stumbled upon your blog while I was doing a google search for "gooseneck barn lights" and I'm so, so happy I did. We are building a barndominium and I created a blog to document our journey. Your blog has been an inspiration to keep going. We also raise cattle (on a much smaller scale), so I feel another connection. And then...I was inspired by an article in a recent issue of "Hobby Farmer" to have a fresh flower stand and I see what you have done--it looks so amazing.Thanks for inspiring me today!