Simple Pleasures

Friday, June 19, 2015

I've been thinking a lot lately about the little things that bring us joy in life.   And the importance of focusing on those simple things, because oftentimes those are the things that bring us the greatest return!

This is the painted wooden door above one of the beds in my guest room. 

I've come to the place where I love and value the simple, uncluttered look in my house that sort of happened accidentally when we finished building and moved in.

Even though my plan was to add a lot of beautiful things to my guest bedroom, I've made the choice to leave it simple.  And I love it.  I especially love having company in my guest bedroom!

One of the my favorite things in my bedrooms are the 100% cotton sheets.   Especially in the hot summer time.  They give off the softest most cool feeling of any fabric of sheet.

But the 100% cotton leads to wrinkled sheets when you get them out of the dryer.  

(I think most of the wrinkles would be eliminated with a clothesline, which I haven't gotten on my hilltop yet!  Smile!)

But the next simple pleasure I love is to iron sheets, especially in our guest bedroom for company!    I enjoy every single minute of standing in front of the ironing board ironing sheets and pillow cases.

I think it is the most satisfying feeling to know that when our guests climb in bed at night in my house, the sheets are welcoming!

I was teaching Jillian, my grand-daughter, how to put the freshly ironed sheets on the bed to create a perfect corner!

I love how it looks when it has the "hospital corners". 

  Martha Stewart has a great video tutorial here.  

I like to have my flat sheet just a tiny bit long at the top and fold it over the bedspread.  Especially these sheets with the little decorative edge.  

It won't surprise you when I say that I love 100% cotton pillow cases, shams and comforter too!  

Not much makes me happier than getting my guest bedroom ready for company.  

Unless maybe it is the very special thank-you card that comes in the mail when my company goes back home!