October Monthly Moos {Getting Ready For Spring... In The Fall}

Saturday, October 31, 2015

I think most of you have heard me say many times that Fall is not my favorite time of year.  But I feel like this view from our front porch has changed my mind!  I actually love Fall... what I don't really like is that Winter comes very quickly after it!  Smile!

It seems like this year in Middle Tennessee the Fall colors were more vivid and more beautiful than previous years.  But maybe I just needed it more this year so I was looking closer!  

Eldon has been getting the farm ready for winter by mowing all the hills and pastures.  Things were looking pretty dry after a few weeks of no rain and after he got all the mowing finished we had two solid days of rain.  The farm is green again!  What a great way to go into Winter!

The biggest job that really needed to be done before winter sets in is the Flower Garden.  We had an early freeze the middle of October so our garden was completely finished.  (Another reason I dread Fall maybe?!)  After 3 months of gorgeous flowers, it was very sad to drive down to the flower garden and see it looking like this.  

Eldon took his small John Deere tractor with the little bush hog and completely mowed down all the dead plants.  

It made it much easier to look at!  I'm not kidding you - those dead plants were just too sad for me!  

Then he took off the bush hog, put the tiller on and tilled it thoroughly. 

It took a few passes to get it tilled in.

Then we purchased some Winter Wheat and Clover seed. 

Poured it in this handy spreader hooked up to the Ranger.

And I got to do the easy job of leisurely driving around the garden disbursing the seed... just in time for a wonderful rain!  

The wheat and clover should grow all winter, creating what is called Green Manure.  The clover is very high in nitrogen and when tilled back into the soil in the spring it will make for a more nitrogen rich soil.  The wheat will also put nutrients back into the soil and will help in weed and erosion control.   

So see?  We are already getting ready for Spring!  Yay!!!  

And in other news...

I took a trip to Colorado to visit our son and daughter in law (and had the best time ever)...

... and then I had a wonderful vacation in Estes Park, CO with two of my best girlfriends...

... and came home from that trip to girlfriend company from Washington ....

And now it is time to settle in and take the advice of my very dear friend, Luanne... embrace winter!!  I have a lot of sewing to enjoy!  

P.S.  For all of you that ordered Essential Oil bags from me... THANK YOU!!!  It has been so much fun choosing fun colors, sewing bags and getting them in the mail.  I'm hearing over and over that they are for Christmas gifts and what a great idea.  Feel free to read about them here and contact me via email at redfeedsack@gmail.com if you are interested in having one made for yourself or for a gift!  

This Bag Is Essential!

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Essential Oil Bags

Are you interested in purchasing one of my custom made Essential Oil bags?  Or one of my darling little "Lalaloopsy" bags for the little one in your life?  This blog post will give you information on the bags and the ordering process.

These bags are really awesome.  First of all, I only use quality fabric so they will wash well and last great.   And fabric is my favorite thing in the world so I really enjoy putting together fun colors and styles!

The Essential Oil bag is padded and lined, as well as the little pockets for the oil bottles.  When I went out of town recently I just tossed my oil bag in my suitcase and never had to give any worry about the bottles breaking.  These bags aren't only awesome for traveling, I keep mine right on the counter in the bathroom so my favorite oils are right at my fingertips.

The bags are a great size:  10 inches wide, 7 inches tall and 4 inches deep.  

There are 10 padded pockets attached to the inside of the bag and four removable inserts with 3 pockets each.  That gives you spots for 22 bottles of oil!   Two of the inserts fit in the bottom of the bag and the other two stack on top.  Even with all the pockets full, the bag still zips closed nicely.

The great thing about the removable inserts is that if you want to take a few oils in your purse, you can use these little inserts for that.  They are padded and keep your oils safe.  

I charge $40 per bag and that includes priority shipping.

Please email me at redfeedsack@gmail.com  if you are interested in purchasing a bag and we can go from there with your color choices!

 I will do everything I can to get your bag made quickly and on its way to you!

Could there be any better gift for that favorite oily person in your life?


LaLaLoopsy Bags

Then there are the LaLaloopsy bags!  I made these for little grand-girls to hold their precious little LaLaloopsy dolls.  They are the sweetest little bags and could just as easily be made for a little boy to hold his matchbox cars or other little toys.

These bags are made along the same lines as the Essential Oil Bags with quality fabric, padding, and multiple color combinations.  However, they do not come with attached or removable pockets.

They measure 6 inches tall, 5 inches wide and 2 inches deep.  Just the perfect size for any sweet little toys that get easily lost.  It makes it more fun to put those little toys away when they have a special bag to keep them in!

These bags are $25 each and that also includes priority shipping.   I'll work with any color combination you choose!

Email me to ask questions to order either of the bags:  redfeedsack@gmail.com

If you would like a bag for a Christmas gift please email me and place your order as soon as possible so that there is time for me to get it made and shipped!  I will do everything possible to fill all orders in time for Christmas!