Sweet Poppet Pouches {Moonbeam Dreams Fabric Tour}

Tuesday, November 7, 2023

Hello my sewing friends!  I'm in New Mexico at my momma's as I write this blog post and the weather here is so beautiful!  I'm excited to tell you about this lovely fabric by Poppie Cotton called Moonbeam Dreams.  I have to tell you that the colors of this fabric collection are not usually what I am drawn to but oh my goodness do I absolutely LOVE this fabric.  

I'm going to quote Emily Dennis from her blog post about the fabric, she describes it so perfectly:  Moonbeam Dreams is a fabric line full of soft and dreamy colors.  The color palette features coral pinks, shades of blue, soft greens, and yellows.  You'll find fireflies, different stages of the moon, lunar moths, and delicate florals.  

I've been wanting to try a new pattern called Poppet Pouch by Rosie Taylor Crafts (link to the pattern here) and I decided this fabric would be so beautiful in these adorable pouches.  (I also used a free foundation paper piecing economy block pattern by Rosie Taylor Crafts for the front of the pouches!)

This pattern is awesome, but I have to be honest with you... I struggled!  I have no idea why it was a struggle for me.  Pouches, bags, anything with a zipper are my favorite thing ever but I did struggle getting the curves of the fabric to not have puckers and to come out smooth and perfect.  If you look close (go ahead!!), you can see the imperfections!  But I've learned through the years to embrace imperfections and be okay with it!  Smile! 

I also love that the interior is a clean finish with binding on the seams so there are no frazzled edges and I really like that.  

I enjoyed the combination of machine quilting and hand quilting on these pouches.  

Moonbeam Dreams by Amanda Grace for Poppie Cotton is a fabric you will want!  

Make sure you visit the following Makers to see their beautiful projects with this fabric line!  

Fall Sewing! {Hide and Seek Fabric Tour}

Thursday, October 12, 2023

How did it happen that fall is already here???  It seems like summer is a whirlwind and then before I can catch a breath, in comes fall!  

I received this new fabric collection from Poppie Cotton a few months ago and the first glance I had of it made me think of fall and I've been excited to sew some pretty fall things and finally I had a day to sit down and get it done!  

The fabric collection is called Hide and Seek and it has such sweet little creatures!  The butterflies and bunnies are my favorite! 

One time, a lot of years ago, I made a whole bunch of fabric stuffed pumpkins and gifted them to friends.  It was such a fun gift and I decided to do the same thing again and make some pumpkins from the fabric.  I chose to use the pattern by Minki Kim at Sew Illustrated.  (Her patterns are ALWAYS my favorite!).  You can find the link to her pattern shop here.  

These pumpkins were so much fun to make!  They did require some hand work, which I really enjoy.  I really enjoy having some down time in the evening while my husband plays his banjo and I can just sit and hand sew and listen to him play!  

I was able to use each piece of the collection and I felt like the pumpkins really showcased all the different fabrics!

Aren't they so sweet???  

After I finished the pumpkins my grand-daughter said to me "Maybe a scarecrow would be fun Gram"!  So of course... what do you think I did??  Make scarecrows of course!  

I used this pattern by Old Road Primitive and it was so much fun to make!  

This fabric collection is just the best!  I loved sharing my pumpkins with friends and I might just keep these scarecrows!  

There are so many amazing projects being made this month using Hide and Seek fabric.  Be sure to follow along @poppiecotton on Instagram.  These gals never cease to amaze me with all their gorgeous fabric collections!  

Happy fall my friends!!!  May you enjoy sewing all the beautiful fall things! 

My Garden Journal {Fabric Tour}

Friday, September 15, 2023

When Poppie Cotton sent me a bundle of one of their new fabric lines called Garden Party Fabric, designed by Sheri McCulley, I will admit that I was neck deep in other projects as well as an early spring full of everything to do on the farm.  I put the bundle of fabric in a large glass canister jar and just admired it for a couple months.   (Speaking of which, I really need to take a picture of my numerous glass canisters lined up with new Poppie Cotton fabric lines this year... I love how they look all lined up on the counter in my sewing room!). 

Dresden Plates {Prairie Sisters Homestead Fabric Tour}

Monday, August 7, 2023

Have you ever sewn Dresden Plates?  Can you believe that I have only done them one time in a simple little project?  I've always wanted to do more, but they really intimidate me and look super complicated.  

Sweet Essentials Kit {Delightful Department Store Tour}

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Today I'm excited to share my project with this super beautiful fabric collection called Delightful Department Store by Poppie Cotton.  This is just such a fun, vintage look collection.  It has been sitting on my sewing counter for a few months as I drool over it.  I really love to have fabric speak to me before I start cutting into it and so I was patiently waiting!  

Holiday Mini Quilt {Oh What Fun Fabric Tour}

Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Happy June, my friends!  It's not very often that I sew with Christmas fabric in June (if ever!) but when Poppie Cotton sent me this oh so lovely fat quarter bundle of Oh What Fun fabric by my favorite designer Elea Lutz, I knew immediately I would be making a holiday wall hanging!  Last year during the winter holidays I was so bothered by the fact that I did not have one to hang!  

My Favorite Things Quilt {Fabric Tour}

Friday, March 10, 2023

When I received the new fabric line from Poppie Cotton, designed by Elea Lutz, so many emotions went through my mind.  The first thought is not related to this fabric line at all, so I'll tell you about that in a minute.   But my second thought was that this fabric was so unbelievably precious, I knew that I would be making a quilt.   Its a strange thing how fabric speaks... I'm not the only sewist that says this same thing.  I even had a quick vision in my head of old fashioned and simple quilt.  But we'll get to that in a minute.