A Marathon Weekend

Monday, February 18, 2013

I promise not to continually bore you with stories and pictures about our calves, but this is a story I couldn't resist.  You might remember my post back in January about our cow #173 that we thought was expecting a calf any day?  Well.... she just kept getting bigger and bigger and bigger.  So big that we were really worried about her.  (Even Jillian, my four year old grand-daughter would ask me every day about Number 173!)

Everyday Belle and I would drive out to check #173.  And everyday the report would be the same:  no calf.  We were gone over the weekend and left our wonderful son-in-law, Justus, in charge of checking things at the farm.  We got a phone call from our daughter on Friday morning and this was what she said, "Well, Mom.  Number 173 isn't pregnant anymore.  AND SHE HAD TWINS"!   There were times when I would think she was so big she must have two babies in there, but twins are actually pretty rare in beef cattle.  (They say the chance is 0.1%.) 

Its been a bit of a rough few days as we all held our breath with the babies.  The Momma "hid" them.  On opposite ends of the farm from each other.   Knowing that it is very common for one of the calves to be abandoned when there are twins we were so worried and anxious.  My son in law was so worried he carried one calf across the farm and delivered it to the Momma - only to find it back on the back side of the farm again the next day. 
After a very stressful day today of driving over hill and dale back and forth between babies and Momma, wondering if I should start bottle feeding, talking to everyone in the "know", calling my poor husband (who was out of town) every hour asking his advice, this is what I came home to this afternoon!  Contrary to all the stories you read about a Momma cow not remembering she had twins, THIS Momma didn't forget and she knew right where she had them hidden and knew the exact right time to bring them together.  She is a good Momma. 
Its been a marathon of a few days.  Oh, speaking of a Marathon......
I went to Birmingham to see my son and daughter-in-law run the full Mercedes Marathon!

I managed to see them at a few different points along the run; usually just the backs of them as they flew on by!
They completed the full 26.2 miles and I was so proud of them.  It was a really awesome thing to witness as I stood at the finish line and watched hundreds upon hundreds of people finish that run.  I almost wish I had the courage to try.  (Almost!)


  1. Congratulations on the beautiful twin calves! How exciting!

    I had some friends who also did that marathon. I am always impressed by people who set this goal and succeed at completing it.

    Blessings friend.

  2. You can do plenty more calf stories - I love 'em. I didn't know twins in cattle were that rare. My dad raised sheep one year and we had twins all over the place - sheep aren't nearly as fun as cattle. Number 173 looks really exhausted - who wouldn't! Love the update on your Marathon runners - again 'exhaustion' comes to mind.

  3. Twins! I'm so glad the Momma figured it all out. Too much longer and you would have been worn out! Congrats to your son and dil on the marathon. My daughter ran a half marathon not too long ago. I was so proud of her...quite an accomplishment. As for me and running...not so much. :o) Enjoy those baby calves.

  4. Oh I just love a good cow story. How sweet. And yay for marathon runners. I do a 9.3 mile run every March. I keep saying I'm going to work up to a marathon...but Nahhh...too old. That's my excuse.

  5. How cute, twins! So glad they are all together now. I would have been panicking, too.

  6. Awwww! What a sweet story :) Love it!
    I came over from Ann's blog 'On Sutton Place'. I'm looking forward to following along with your house building! Your current home in the travel trailer looks delightfully cute too by the pics on Ann's blog!!

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  8. Oh I love this post about the cow with her twins! I can relate as I had twins and would sometimes separate the twins to keep them from waking each other and get to spend alone time with each.

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