Joining A Quilt Along!

Saturday, February 2, 2013

When my friend, John'aLee at The Scrappy Appleyard, first invited me to join her Quilt Along I refused.  Here I am living in a travel trailer right now, helping my husband (almost full time) build our house, and trying to squeeze in time with the grand-babies!  But, then she came to visit me and she brought her project and it got me pretty excited.  I thought about the beautiful fabric I have stashed for a special project and decided to jump right in and just do it.  So.... here is my start to the Quilt Along!
I absolutely love fabric.  I would like to just collect fabric and display it in gorgeous bundles like this all over my house!  I especially love soft, beautiful quilting fabric made by Moda!  This is their Noteworthy Collection. 
John'aLee has her Quilt Along very organized on her blog with a new quilt block every week for the year!   (She started in January so luckily I was only behind four blocks!)  She does great tutorials and has step by step pictures. 
Its been a long time since I made a quilt (a few years actually) and once I got my fabric spread out I was a little stumped on where to begin.  I decided to make it easy on myself and since I have this fabulous collection of colors I made the choice to basically stick with a consistent color combination for each block. 
This was Block One in the series and I have to admit that I am so completely out of practise I had a terrible time lining things up, getting my points to point, etc...  I was almost in tears with this block.  Can you tell?  (I may actually re-do it sometime in the not so near future.)
This was Block Two in the series, and it went much smoother.  I started to get my confidence up a little bit!  I love this Noteworthy Collection of fabric.  The colors really make me happy!
This is Block Three.  I love, love, love this one!  I love the color combination, love the pattern, love that my points are actually pointing!!!  It was a little tricky I have to admit.
Block Four was a disaster.  I guess I'll blame it on the fact that it was late, the lighting in the travel trailer was terrible and this block was just plain hard!!!  (John'aLee do you hear me?!) 
There are my January blocks for the Quilt Along.  By the way, this is called The Rancher's Daughter Quilt and is the design of John'aLee's.  I love that she has a little story behind the blocks she is designing.  I can relate, as I too am a Rancher's Daughter.
I'll hope you'll check out her blog and join in the fun of The Rancher's Daughter Quilt Along.  Its not too late to start! 

This week I am linking to these fabulous parties:


  1. are a multi talented lady. Love what you are doing.

  2. are a multi talented lady. Love what you are doing.

  3. are a multi talented lady. Love what you are doing.

  4. Dori, your little blocks are beautiful! I have signed up. You have tempted me. Lol.

    Take care,

  5. Just think Dori...when you move into your new house you will have a new quilt to take with you. You can use this sort of as a count down to the finish! I'm not surprised at your color choices...colorful and beautiful. Looking forward to see the quilt come to life! BYW...I had a post from you and from Andrea in my email this morning. Did a little happy dance. :o)

  6. Oh Dori!! Love your blog and the fabric for your new quilt is gorgeous!! I think this was just what the dr order LOL. What a good break between building your house. You're amazingly talented and I still... Want to be like YOU when I grow up :) xoxo

  7. I like the third block! Your fabric is beautiful.. I wish I had the passion for sewing! I are very talented:)


  8. That sounds like fun. I've always wanted to make a quilt. Looks

  9. I think it looks beautiful!!! I'm so excited for your to share your progress with us. What a wonderful project. Don't be so hard on yourself. It really looks beautiful.

  10. I know what you mean about is hard to tear them apart!! Your blocks look great!

  11. Well... I think you've done a fabulous job - jumping right in there. You make me want to pull out all my stuff and join you but I have SO MANY other sewing things going on right now.

    But the inspiration is there, just the same. I could collect and collect fabric, too. It would be quite awful (not for me, but for my family) for me to work in a fabric shop.

    Besides... perfection isn't meant to be in a quilt. I love what you're doing...

  12. Oh Dori I just love those fabrics! This might be one of the quilts that can hang in your house. The colors look close to me. You might want to add some more fabrics in of the Fiesta Ware orangey salmon color with it! Just an idea.

    Thanks so much for the plug. You are just the sweetest. So I have a favor to ask. I am going to the next block in honor of you and the day I spent with you. Could you send me a pic of the block on the barn that you showed me?

    Ha! I loved your frustration with me. Now was it anything in the directions that made it hard? Let me know girlie. Because I really want to make this easy to do with the tutorials.

    So fun! So glad you joined!

  13. I have never heard of a quilt along.
    I have been quilting for a few years, and gaining abilities, though I feel "stagnated" at times.
    You have done a great job.
    I had a neighbor, who has now passed away. She encouraged me greatly. I remember her addage "there is no quilting police here...", so don't be hard on yourself. She was right, we learn by doing and shouldn't be hard on ourselves. When the quilt is all put together, the "mistakes" we see, no one else does.
    Great job.
    Come for a visit

  14. I love fabric too and don't think I could have said no after looking at the fabric! Your blocks are looking wonderful!