Home-Made Bread (and a Pfister Faucet Winner!)

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

I've been so happy to have a kitchen that I find myself doing a lot of baking.

  This morning I started bread dough and put it in the bowl to rise then went upstairs to my craft room  to work on a challenging (but very fun!) sewing project....  and an hour later came downstairs to my risen bread dough falling out of the bowl.  Whoops.
The wonderful thing about making home-made bread is that its pretty forgiving when it rises out of the bowl and then falls to the counter top! 

This is my favorite area of my kitchen.  This little baking counter is the perfect size, the drawers below hold my Bosch Mixer and all my baking utensils, the shelves above hold my mixing bowls, cookbooks, measuring cups and spoons and the counter is just exactly the right height for me.  And my grand-daughters love sitting right there on that red stool watching and helping me! 
And speaking of grand-daughters, my little Rosetta spends a couple hours with us on Monday mornings so her Mommy has some one-on-one school time with Jillian.  This week she hauled all these little chairs and stools to the porch, then brought her babies out and she sat...  singing away!  Isn't she the most precious little thing?
Okay, fine.  I know what you are patiently waiting for.... 
Patty G! 
Check your email Patty, I've sent you information on choosing your amazing Pfister faucet. 
I hope you are all having a wonderful week.... what have you been baking in this beautiful Fall weather?  


  1. Wow, that is what I call well-risen DOUGH! Your granddaughter is precious!

  2. I love baking fresh bread...each week I bake 2 loaves. Nothing says home like fresh bread. Your granddaughter is sweet, I love that age when they love their baby dolls. Blessings

  3. Congrats to Patty winning the contest... Dori, loved the bread and how special I bet it is to share all of it with the grand babies.. I dont have grandchildren yet, but my son did just get married at the beginning of Aug... so maybe in a year or two... Anyway, loved your post... Have a great day...

  4. There is nothing like homemade bread:-) My mom bakes bread for us a couple times a week so we never buy it, and we have become spoiled. I love your Pyrex collection too:-)

  5. I love your baking center! It's so convenient and looks like a happy place! I used to make an awesome bread and I can't find the recipe so I haven't made bread in awhile. Do you have a good recipe?

    Congrats to the winner, lucky girl!!


    P.S. Your granddaughter is precious!!

  6. Thank you SO much for the faucet! I have never won anything like this EVER ! So happy for you with your new house and to be finally in the kitchen baking. When we built, I kept telling my friends I didn't want it to "smell" like a new house..my dear friend told me " fry up some bacon"....bread too...nothing says "home" like the smell of fresh homemade bread. Your little granddaughter looks very content at grandmas with her dolls. Such happy times with grandkids.Thank you for such a wonderful blog..happy fall to you and your family. Patty

  7. Such a sweet post, Dori! And how I envy your bread rising up over the rim of the bowl - mine NEVER rises so gloriously, actually it's hard to get bread to rise here for some reason. Is your kitchen warm? Both your granddaughters are darling and it's always a joy to read about them.

  8. Rosetta is a jewel! I would love to bake bread but in my case I would be the one eating it all. My husband maybe would have a slice or two and then I would eat the rest of the loaf! I'm happy you are enjoying your kitchen...don't you miss that little camper? ha!

  9. Rosetta is so adorable!! and your bread looks so yummy!!!

  10. Sweet little granddaugher!! I have fun memories of my great-nieces at our son's wedding earlier this month. They buried themselves in the blueberry bushes and ate and ate! Plus they decided my greenhouse was the perfect playhouse. Little ghosts are following me around the garden these days :)

    PS: I finally wrote a new blog post.

  11. Your kitchen makes me smile!!!! And that bread looks soooooooo good! Now I want to bake some bread. But then I would want to eat it. Congrats to Patti! :)

  12. I can literally SMELL your bread! Looks delicious!