My Kitchen {Completely Lived In}

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

I recently had an email from a reader asking if I would do an update on my kitchen now that we are moved in and its been in service for a few months!  The last kitchen post I did (here) was when it was finished, but we weren't moved in.  So, here is an update of the place I spend the majority of my time!  (So sorry that when it comes to my kitchen there are lots of pictures.  Do you have your coffee ready?)

There is not one single thing that I don't just absolutely love about my kitchen!

But probably  my favorite thing is this baking area.  I designed the cabinet to be shorter so I could use it for rolling out dough and things that are hard for me on a regular height counter top (since I'm short).  The drawers are also large and hold my Bosch Mixer and all the attachments.  

Above it on my open shelves are my mixing bowls, measuring cups, favorite cook books and aprons.

I've had my vintage Pyrex for years and I use them every single day.

I love the vintage locker basket with my aprons and table cloths in it!

Do you remember this red stool that I restored?  It sits right next to this baking area and is a favorite of everyone.  All ages sit in this chair while I cook:  my mother, my daughters, my grand-girls, my girlfriends!  Above it is a magnet board for Jillian and Rosetta's artwork, recipes I want to try and other important things!

The other end of the kitchen is my coffee area and other canisters.  I love my glass front cabinets that show my beautiful turquoise china, my tea cups, hob nail glasses, and my bright colored Fiestaware!

Just to the right of that area is this wooden coke crate that I absolutely love.  I have my oils, vinegars, sat and pepper shakers, and a few other frequently used items.  I just love how it looks and how handy it is to grab things from it.  (I also love the turquoise colored words!)

Then there's my little kitchen window!  Eldon made me a cutting board from some left over butcher block and I love it.  It is very handy to have right next to my stove top for my hot cast iron skillets!  (See the salt and pepper shaker there?  Those are little vintage glass jars and I punched holes in the lids for salt and pepper.  I love them!)

You might be wondering about my custom Range hood.  If you remember, my original plan was to have a microwave with vent above my range and I changed my mind and designed the above vent hood. I am so happy with my decision.  I haven't once regretted not having a microwave and I love how the vent hood looks and works.  It is amazing.   Plus it holds the chalkboard that I made!  (Who knew that I would have so much fun changing it out for the seasons?!)

Then across from the Range and wall counter tops is my amazing island.  Let me tell you that this thing is so awesome!  We've had a lot of company and we've served all kinds of buffet style meals off this island.  It is also a fun place for everyone to lean on, sit on, and pile their junk on!  

I had originally thought I would really use some big profound item to decorate my island top.  I found that I love having it empty.  Because it basically sits in the living room it looks very cluttered if there is anything much on it.   Also, I love how beautiful the butcher block is.

So I keep this little crate with my dish soap and cleaners and usually a bowl of fruit and that is it!  (Not counting the things that get dumped on the counter as we come in the door!)

I also wanted to pile on the vintage, colorful clutter on the tip top of the cabinets but I reined myself in!  Old canisters, an old jar with vintage utensils and an old lard bucket did the trick!

Do you remember the Fresh Eggs sign I made?  (You can read about it here.)  This was the spot on the wall I had picked for it from the very beginning.  It is the perfect fit!

And next to the kitchen is our little dining room.  It is small, but there is actually room to add both leaves to my lovely antique table and it works just fine.  I love the painted white plank ceiling, the plaid curtains I made, and the simple decorations.  It is a great continuation of the kitchen.  

Just a few little notes to answer some questions I've had in recent weeks:  
1)  I love the barn lights.  They were the perfect choice for my kitchen.  Because of the wattage, they are plenty bright and the kinks in the cords even straightened out (remember that?!).  
2)  The butcher block counter tops are awesome.  I would choose the same thing again in a heart beat. They hold well to the wear and tear of continual cooking and twice I've sanded off some imperfections and oiled them and they are good as new.  I think they are beautiful and give a very warm glow to the kitchen.   If you want to read more about them, I did a post here.
3)  Our flooring is probably a bit darker than I would do again.  However, I do love it and have had to just accept that things will show up more on a dark floor.  

Well, there you have it.  My lovely kitchen in our sweet little house on the hill!  

P.S.  We had a house full of company over Thanksgiving week and it was just about the best week we've had in a long time.  There is nothing like family and very close friends to make a person so very thankful!  Below is a picture of all of us!  

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  1. I thought of my sister Kristine when I saw your kitchen. She has some of your dishes and cookware too. So homey and retro. I'm glad you had nice Thanksgiving with your family and friends. Kathleen in Az

  2. I'd come and sit on the red stool in a heartbeat and just take it all in - what a marvelous kitchen with windows on your world!!!!! Great job, you two (Eldon clearly gets some credit here, too!).

  3. Your kitchen is just perfect! Nice to be in and settled. Wishing you many happy years and memories in your new house! First Christmas will be so fun for you and your family in this kitchen. Happy holiday baking! Patty

  4. It's so nice to see you all settled in. What an accomplishment and amazing place to live. To think you and your husband built it from scratch is the best part. Happy Holidays Dori!

  5. Hi Dori,
    You must pinch yourself every morning to make sure you are actually wide awake and in your brand new home. I can just imagine you with your first cup of coffee standing in front of a window (the little one Eldon put in for you, perhaps) taking in the view with this enormous smile on your pretty little face.
    And what a handsome family you have.
    I have been following your blog form almost the very beginning and from your blog to your daughters.
    You all feel like family or at lest really close friends.Just want to let you know that you and yours inspire and often brighten our days out here in blog following land. Can not wait to see the rest of your home. Love your down-to-earth-back-the-to-basics style. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure.


  6. Dori, I tried...but I couldn't find one single thing in there that I DIDN'T LOVE too!

  7. Perfect! Very livable, pretty but not over the top so you wouldn't be able to use it afraid you might ruin something. I love your curtains in the living room, can you reveal where you bought them please?

    1. Hello Kathi! I'd love to share about my living room curtains. I purchased the fabric and made them. The fabric is Robert Allen Spring Mix in Pomegranate. It is a drapery fabric and a nice weight, although I did go ahead and line them also. They are beautiful and I couldn't be happier. Thanks for noticing! ~ Dori ~

  8. I could just stare at your kitchen for hours....please come up to KY and redo my Kitchen. :D

  9. It's a wonderful bright airy cheerful kitchen..plenty of workspace and festive touches of color to draw the eye...much waiting and hard work for you but the rewards are wonderful to view :)

  10. Really loved this post and your kitchen. And I totally completely dig those chickens in your dining room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have one (I don't know what they are called? Chickens that the top lifts off of?) and i love it.

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  12. Love the kitchen! So cozy and cheery! I have a little bit of the vintage Pyrex and I love it. I use one of the little square ones with a glass lid to hold bacon grease. The house we're renting has tile floors and they are h.a.r.d. Anything glass that hits them breaks, and even some of the kids harder plastic bowls have broken. One day Hubby was moving the bacon grease dish and the lid slid off. I gasped and watched in horrified slow motion as the lid dropped to the floor......but it didn't break!! I could not believe it, not even a crack or a chip in it! I was completely amazed. They are awesome for sure.

  13. I prefer glass cabinets too 'cause it makes my search a lot easier. I also store cups, tea wares, and other stuff in the cabinets, so I need to find them immediately when my friends and other guests arrives. Anyway, I love your kitchen, Dori! I'll pin your photos and will get some inspirations when I start my kitchen redo. :)

    Traci Lawson @

  14. Absolutely beautiful! Congratulations on your wonderful kitchen, ready for the holidays.

  15. Your kitchen is perfect! I LOVE every single choice you have made- and can't wait to see updates on the rest of your home! Great work!

  16. Where did you purchase your cabinet hardware? It is gorgeous!