January Monthly Moos {The Ever Changing Hilltop}

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

This is what greeted us this morning when we opened our bedroom curtains.  We have fog quite frequently but our house is always above it!  It's a great way to wake up, lemme tell ya!

The view in the above picture is looking over to the little neighborhood where our daughter lives.  We can have sunshine on the hilltop and they are sitting in heavy fog! 

We love that we have a great view of the changing seasons (and the incoming storms!)

The top of our Hilltop is a perfect vantage point for watching the cotton fields being harvested in the fall.

And even though the view in the fall is beyond beautiful with the changing colors of the leaves...

 ...and the view in the winter is amazing because you can see so far (and the only time of the year you can see our driveway through the woods!)... 

...my favorite time on the Hilltop is by far the summer.  

There is something about all the thick green trees that give me a feeling of comfort.  The temperature rises and the air is heavy with humidity but the breeze on our hilltop is the best feeling ever!  

Summer on the Hilltop calls for Jillian and Belle playing frisbee...

... and flying kites.

Can you tell I'm ready for summer?  (Big smile!)  

Things on the farm have been slow this month; not too much to "moo" about!  

Hope you are having a happy January!  


  1. I think God lives there! I can't imagine what a blessing it must be to live somewhere like that. I would never go inside to do housework. No wonder you are so sweet, your surroundings are a constant reminder of the majesty of God and his love for us. I love this post.

  2. Oh, Dori - you have such a wonderful slice of heaven there. Thank you for sharing these wonderful pics!

  3. Dori, God's Beauty given to you each day and you have gifted us as well... Blessings on this Wednesday. Pure Beauty... thanks for sharing... and Summer is a favorite of mine as well..

  4. A room with a view, The changing of the seasons. What a way to wake up everyday. Beautiful. Kathleen in Az

  5. Hi Dori, what a pleasure it is to meet you and read your lovely blog. I have enjoyed it so much I read all the way back to July...What a beautiful home you have and the view and land is amazing.
    Belle and Promise have my heart, how sweet they are. We also have a Australian Shepherd. I look forward to visiting you again and have become your newest follower.
    Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

  6. What a beautiful place you have!!!!!!! Glad that you share it with us!

  7. What a pleasure to wake up to that view each day! Magnificent.

  8. Wow, what fantastic views! (and photos!) Love, love, love it!

  9. What a beautiful view! I grew up on a farm and love the wide open spaces :>)