February Monthly Moos {Covered In Snow}

Thursday, February 13, 2014

It was fun to wake up this morning to a snow covered farm!  And the sunshine along with it!

I enjoyed bundling up and heading out to get a few pictures.  

There is something about fresh snow that is just so magical.  

And even more magical is fresh snow with month old baby calves!  (We now have five new babies on the ground with seven more to go!)

And of course we can't possibly have a farm post without a picture of Belle!  

We've actually had a fairly cold winter for here.  And quite a number of times Eldon has had to break ice off the pond so the cows can drink.  Today there was just a bit bit of ice around the edges.

It was such a beautiful day!  

I did spend most of the day indoors, however; as I am getting ready for a Valentine's Party here at the farm tomorrow!  House is clean, tables are set and food prep is done!  

Happy Valentine's to you.  I hope your day is perfect.


  1. Beautiful view.....Wow! Happy Valentine Day to you and yours

  2. What a beautiful day on your farm - Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones, too!

  3. I have to admit, your photos are lovely. The snow here is way over my knees, and I'm 5' 10" so I haven't struggled through it for photos! I'm dreaming of Spring right now :>)

  4. What a beautiful setting! I love it. But I have a foot of snow too and the last thing I want to have is more snow. Can't wait until I can see grass.

  5. gorgeous photos!!! just love seeing your farm in all the different seasons...both inside & out :) hope to see some photos of your Valentine Party ;)

  6. OHHH How beautiful it is!! I'm so tired of hearing people complain about winter here. It's not even that bad here in Florida...but I am determined to enjoy every season! You can't fully enjoy spring without a winter~ But you might need to bring those calves inside by the fireplace...heehee.

  7. Beautiful picture of your home. Great angle!