September Monthly Moos {It's All About Jillian and Promise!}

Friday, September 19, 2014

Eldon promised our grand-girl Jillian horse riding lessons this Fall and the day finally arrived!  

(That's Old Red in the background.  If there is anything new and exciting going on at the farm she knows it, and she has to be right in the middle of it!)

Love Jillian's dirty little farm boots!

Off they go to get Promise.  That's her tucked back in the woods out of the heat.

She's pretty much always happy for attention, so "catching" her is not usually a problem!  

As much as I wanted to stay and watch, I didn't.   I went back up to the house... it was Grampy and Jilly time.  

Although Rosy was with me and she kept insisting that it was time to go for her horse lesson!  

When I came back an hour later, Jillian was doing great.  

Watching Promise, listening to Grampy.

She was "clicking" and holding her reins and not clinging to the saddle horn.  

Total concentration!

Praise from Grampy.  

(And we need to shop for a saddle that fits her!)

Eldon said he taught her how to "bale" in case of emergency, so they demonstrated it for me!  Jillian loved it.

"Thank you, Promise.  You're a good horse".  And then she said, "I never knew horse riding lessons could be so much fun"!  

Success is sweet.  

Rosy had a couple minutes of "lessons" and she was done!  

Promise is a special horse to us and her story is very interesting.  I wrote about her this week where I blog for MaryJanesFarm.  You can read it here!  

September is drawing to a close and there is a little bit of a Fall feel in the air.  
I'm not ready... how about you?


  1. Oh how precious! Those little grandchildren of yours are so adorable and so is this post :>) They will remember their grampy teaching them to ride all their lives I am sure!

  2. Love the pictures! It is the best for your granddaughters to be outdoors with all type of animals. Honestly Dori, so happy for your husband to teach them to ride. You're leaving the dream. Kathleen in Az p.s. Mmmmm hate to tell you, but here in Phoenix, I'm sooo looking forward to Fall.

    1. P.p.s. "Living" the dream! I wouldn't leave your dream for a million bucks! Also read the story about Promise trying to acclimate the move to Tennessee. Waiting for Part 2! Aussies are good dogs too.

  3. Dori, so nice to keep up with you and the family this way. My the girls are growing - so neat spending time with gram and gramps - enjoy every moment !!

  4. Dori I love reading your posts. Your granddaughters are adorable and I look forward to watching them grow over the years. I also really enjoyed looking back at the story of Promise and I can't wait to see what happens.

  5. What a wonderful opportunity for Jillian! I can see she's taking this very seriously. Your story about Promise is one of the best, thanks for sharing.


  6. Sweet, sweet, sweet. I'm not quite ready for fall yet. I like summer (warmth) a lot.

  7. Oh my goodness, Dori, that picture of Jillian kissing Promise on the nose is just the SWEETEST thing ever!! LOVE it!! She's a very blessed little girl.

  8. Precious! You guys have a beautiful life!