The Best Gifts Are The Ones With A Story

Friday, October 3, 2014

Have you ever received a gift that made you just want to sit down and have a good cry it meant so much to you?  

Last week Eldon and I spent a day helping friends on a project and the lady of the home said, "I have an old enamelware chamber pot that I was wondering if you would like to have"?   My heart sort of started racing, as I love enamelware ANYTHING, especially one with a story (and this one is special that way).    I love the wooden handle  - that means it is old and original.  

I don't know what it is about the red rim and even the little touch of red on the bracket for the handle. I just love it. 

She said, "I could just picture it with a pot of Mums".  And that is exactly what I came home and did!  

I have all kinds of enamelware... bowls, buckets, kettles and pitchers.  Every single piece I have has special meaning to me.  I don't know that I've purchased but just a few pieces myself, most of it was given to me with it either a story or a memory attached.  I love having another piece to add to my collection of memories!  

On a side note... I've been putting some of my Fall decorations on my porch... all those pretty yellows, oranges and reds.  And then look here...  my Endless Summer Hydrangeas that I planted in my washtubs are STILL blooming!  Hot pink, no less!  (That is Eldon's garage in the background.  It's finished on the outside... the front is still waiting for me to paint.  Sadly it's not happening by itself!)

Happy October!

P.S.  Part Two of my story about Promise our horse, is on the MaryJanesFarm site today.  Click here to read that!


  1. What a great enamel pot. I like the touches of red too. I have a few enamelware things that were given or found. I love it. Your hydrangea is magnificent, still looking like it's summer!

  2. What a nice friend to give you the enamel pot. Perfect for the mums. The story of Promise and Belle would be a wonderful children's book. Emotional and beautiful post Dori, Kathleen in Az

  3. What a wonderful pot. I just love the details...Enjoy!

  4. I love this Dori...hope you are enjoying every perfect Fall day!

  5. I also love old enamelware, coffee pots are my favorite. Your pot is the perfect spot for those yellow mums!


  6. Good Morning, Dori; Just catching up on your posts after being out of town. I know what you mean about those who gift you with the special things you have around you. Just this weekend, a dear friend gifted us with a large trunk. It belonged to a special friend of theirs. Our friend had no room for it and her family was not interested in it. The remarkable thing about it is the story of the lady who previously owned the trunk. Our friend shared with us a picture of the lady and its history. Since the trunk still had its tray which included a box on its side, I will be enclosing the information inside of the trunk. The trunk sits at the end of our bed waiting on my first quilt to be hand quilted.

    Always love reading your posts!

    You take care.

    1. Emily - oh my goodness I'm just drooling thinking about your old trunk. And the story that goes with it is what makes it the most special. How nice that it was gifted to you. Obviously your friend knew you would love and cherish it. Thanks for sharing. - Dori -

  7. Aw, I missed this post. What a great pot, and great story! I love enamelware, as well!