October Monthly Moos {Batten Down The Hatches}

Monday, October 13, 2014

There is one thing about living in the South that is unsettling to me.  It is the headaches I get when there is a "storm in the air".   This morning when I woke up I just knew that a big storm was coming.  

I decided to get outside before it hit and enjoy some of the changes of the seasons going on around the farm.  These are tiny little persimmons from a wild persimmon tree down by our pond.  They are just tiny little bite size things.  Eldon loves them - and so do the deer!

We've been getting a lot of rain so our pond is full and spilling out the overflow.  I noticed the calves playing in the "creek" the other day when it was really flowing out of the pond!

I thought a few pictures and a tour of the flower garden might be a good idea since the storm tonight just might finish it off.    Andrea and I have been super busy making bouquets (we did a wedding reception over the weekend - more on that later!) and we still have loads of flowers.  

One of Belle's favorite places on the farm is the flower garden.  She loves to just lay between the rows and watch the butterflies and the little grand-girls!  When I'm there and they aren't, she usually paces and whines!  And then sneaks off down to their house.  The stinker.  I'm pretty sure those little girls are her favorite people!

With all the rain our Charolais cows are pretty and white!  Usually they are quite dirty!  

I wanted some of these branches!  But they were the tip top of a 20 foot tree... a tree that was bending and blowing in the wind!

The hickory nuts are falling fast and furious.  

Back up to the hilltop to sit on the (very windy) porch and look at the clouds rolling in.  (The white fields down below are cotton ready to be harvested.)

Just a tiny bit of Fall colors starting.  And the white fluffy clouds are rapidly moving.  The picture just doesn't capture it, but the trees were blowing so hard the noise was pretty scary.  We stay out of the woods when the storms come!  All those cracking and falling tree limbs are not a safe place to be.  

I heard a loud noise and looked over and the canoe had jumped off it's stand and was headed down the hill.  Time to batten down the hatches!

We've learned from experience to take our porch swing off it's chains...

... and turn the rocking chairs over and bring in everything else.  It ends up half way down the hill if we don't!  We even tie our bar-b-que grill to one of the porch pillars.  (Learned that the hard way!) 

And here it is!  Time to head in the house to a nice hot bowl of soup and cornbread.  

And hopefully we won't be spending the night in the tornado closet/shelter.  

I hope your Fall is a calm one so far!  


  1. Wow! Love your weather report! We had some big monsoon storms here in Phoenix. Much needed rain too. Along with lots! of mosquitoes! Buy living in Tennessee, the weather is so different and on the hill, you can see it coming. Even the word Tornado, gives me shudders. Bless Belle sneaking off to see the grand girls. I love this post and your beautiful pictures. Keep safe, Kathleen in Az

  2. We had storms run thru here last night. Not as bad as they first thought, but lots of wind and about 2in of rain. Love all the pictures and love your place. We raise beef cattle, Holstein/angus mix and live on a small farm. Love reading the stories of other cattle farmers. Thanks for sharing your life with the rest of us

  3. I had to laugh, I get headaches too when it's going to rain. Are we sisters separated at birth? Lol. You are so fortunate to still have your garden. We had a hard frost last week and my beautiful zinnias are a thing of the past. Good thing I cut all I could the night before! I hope you weathered the storm well. I can't wait to hear about the reception you and Andrea decorated for!

  4. Love the pictures of your place in fall! Looks a little like ours. We have to move everything away from the pool or they will blow in during storms. Learned the hard way and had to buy a new liner for the pool!

    I get headaches too and so does Cole. I even got them in Houston this summer right before a huge storm blew in!

    Wish we were seeing you in Jackson this weekend!???

  5. Oh my, Dori, that sounds scary. I love the pic of Belle in the flower garden. She looks so sweet....and that pretty white cow :)

  6. Carolfully@gmail.comOctober 14, 2014 at 6:41 PM

    Hello Dear Friend,
    Have enjoyed your blog, which has been filled with the color of your flowers. Love to see the fall colors over there too. We are mostly evergreen here in WA, so I wear fall colors! I recall the aches before the storms there, but read about eating all of the nasturtium can help with aches as well as many other ailments! Got zillions of green tomatoes, and the weather is turning cold, so am gather up recipes as well as tomatoes. I am looking for a salsa recipe using green tomatoes! Be safe dear Friend!

  7. I live in the woods and do not like windstorms! We've had some doozies here in Western WA, that's for sure!