February Monthly Moos {It's A Magical Place}

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Winter and ice hit in our Tennessee hills and oh my word has it been cold.  

I really try not to complain about the weather, because I do love living where we have seasons.  But I also think if I get one more winter storm alert on my phone, I'm going to cry!  

It's the ice that just amazes me, having never really been around it before.  The danger of it seemed very real when I was standing on the porch shivering but enjoying the glittery ice in the trees when I heard the most horrifying cracking noise and realized a tree was falling somewhere.  

My first thought was that I need to make sure I stay out of the woods during this ice storm.  But then I remembered I have to drive through the woods to get off the farm.  Hmmm.  Well, I guess I'll just stay on my hilltop!  And that's pretty much what I did for about forever, it seemed like.  

I did bundle up to go out and check on the cows and calves a couple times each day.  Not that they really need to be checked on, but I can't stand it if I don't!  And of course, Belle can't stand it either.  It's kind of our daily routine!

And we do have calves.  Darling, precious, perfect little black calves.  Oh how I love them.

If you owned some of these darling things, you'd brave the ice, wind, falling trees and blowing obstacles for just a few minutes of pure farmgirl joy wouldn't you?  Even if it meant putting on overalls, heavy coat, gloves, face fleece, hat, a heavy pair of wool socks and boots?  And still coming home cold?  

But, it's a magical place here on the farm.   I wouldn't want to be anywhere else.  


  1. I love all of your pictures, especially the first one. Looks very icy and ominous. Cannot complain about our winter weather here. Brrrrrr in the 60s! Keep warm and safe Dori, Kathleen in Az

  2. Brrrrr!
    You strong, brave woman, you!
    It is beautiful, and the calves are so sweet ( I would want to bring them inside.)
    I wish there was a place that had only 3 seasons and maybe one week of winter...I would go live there! :)
    Love you large! And love your posts...

  3. Beautiful! I love your pics! Ahhh, I would also love to send you some of our snow. All of it actually to anyone who wants it. Feet and feet of snow! Spring is coming!

  4. Beautiful pictures, Dori. As I sit here typing this, huge snowflakes are falling. It is beautiful! We are in that are of winter storms that is moving across the south . We will be braving our weather to check on our cows today.

    You take care.

  5. the photos are lovely but oh it does look cold!!!

  6. I have to admit, the sun shining through the ice lined trees is magical! Nevertheless, Spring is on my mind in a big way! I love the calves, I remember helping my grandfather feed the calves on his farm and how soft they were. I loved those little creatures, so sweet. I still love cows, I sometimes wish we had some :>) Have a wonderful week Dori!

  7. This wick weather is the only time I don't miss my hens!

  8. Spring is here, more or less, in the Okanogan, (B.C.) We are getting lots of sunshine of late........so glad for that, as cloudy winter days are the pits. The ice and hoar frost can be so pretty but hate to walk and drive in icy weather!

  9. Darling calves...I think, knowing how treacherous ice is, that I'd have them under cover before the storm arrived. There is nothing much worse than listening to the massacre of trees by ice.

  10. I love the darling calves. I've been in ice storms a time or two. Fascinating, beautiful but treacherous - I'll take snow instead. It's been very nice here in the PNW! Stay safe, Dori :)

  11. It is beautiful, something a FL girl never gets to see. I've been hanging clothes out on the line this week....((smile)).

  12. Blogging is the new poetry. I find it wonderful and amazing in many ways.