March Monthly Moos {There's A Spring In My Step!}

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

I cannot believe that a month has gone by and I didn't write a single post.   However, my husband was gone on a consulting job for the last couple of months and I think it is safe to say that my life has been a little off kilter.  (The pictures above are of my favorite cow, Old Red.  When I drive up in the Ranger she is always the one that comes running!)

So... this is what has been happening around the farm for the last month:

Ten darling calves were born, all without the assistance of any outside help!  

Three of those Momma Cows were heifers, meaning that they had never had a calf before.  That also means that there could easily be complications.  But I think all three of them are keepers because they had those babies like pros.

It snowed.  And we FINALLY got to sled down our  hill!  I'm here to tell you that it was more fun than I can even express!

Here's a video of my daughter and I to prove it!

And then it rained.  And rained.  And rained.  My road was terribly muddy, to the point of almost being impassable.  And my husband wasn't here to fix it!

My son in law took care of hauling hay to the cows a couple times a week and I tried to help by cutting off the hay twine.  (Big help right?!  Smile!)

My wonderful friend Michelle came to visit for a week.  We did a few fun things, but mainly we talked and talked and talked.  My favorite kind of girlfriend visit!

I took an Advanced Master Beef class.  It was every Thursday night for three hours.  I was really dreading the class, but I learned a lot and I took my crochet work with me and it made for a nice relaxing time!

My grand-girls spent quite a bit of time with me, that really helped the time go by fast.

Whenever we had a glimpse of warm sunshine, the little girls and I took off in the Ranger to check on the farm!

The grass started turning green and the cows got busy grazing.  One afternoon while the little girls and I were checking cows I was taking pictures and this was the conversation that went on behind me:

Jillian:  The cows like the green grass.  I ate grass one time.
Rosetta:  GWOSS!
Jillian:  It's not that gross.  It was pretty good actually.
Rosetta:  Weally?
Jillian:  It was actually sweet.  
Rosetta:  Seewiously?
Jillian:  But the grass was stuck on my sucker so maybe that is why.  

I tried really hard not to laugh out loud at that!

Belle went everywhere with me the last couple months as we checked cows, fence lines, and muddy roads!  She's always a happy dog.  

The calves grew out of their cute stage and now the little bulls have taken on the "bully" look!

And did I tell you it rained?  And there was mud everywhere?  (Smile)

And then.... the sun came out, the grass turned green and spring arrived!  And I'm pretty certain I'll be mowing in a couple weeks!

Hope your Spring is the happiest ever! 


  1. What a great sledding hill you have! It goes on forever. Fun conversation you documented, too.

  2. Hi Dori, reading this post you had a very busy month! Everyone ( animals included ) looked happy and smiling, especially going down the hill, loved Belle racing after the sled. Always nice to have a friend visit and family helping out. A treat to visit you and seeing your home, beautiful, mud and all! Kathleen in Az

  3. Loved seeing all your pictures. Your calves make me miss our lambs! So glad spring has come!!

  4. Hi Dori
    I love the pictures and comments. My fav was the grass sucker story! And the bully calf. He looks to be saying "walk near me nd I'll thump ya" :) What a beautiful place!

  5. Hi there, Dori;
    The snow looked beautiful! I know all of you enjoyed the fun. Love seeing your cows. Ours are skipping through the field and enjoying the green grass. It is fun to watch them. Your grandaughters are precious. Loved the story about the grass-tasting.

    Take care.

  6. Hi Dori.... Life is good! Grand-girls/country life and all.... doesn't get much better than that!
    I enjoy your your writings so much. Have a great summer! from Linda

  7. Oh my word...all that snow! I bet it was fun! And I never knew that's what a heifer was...heehee..

  8. Oh the things little kids say, how precious to have that time with them! You have been busy, and your Spring is much further ahead than ours. Our grass is mostly brown with a few tinges of green-ish...but I'll take it! It's better than looking at snow :>) The last time I sledded with my girls I screamed like a chicken all the way down the hill. It had been so long since I had done that, and I'm not one for fast rides or speed induced excitement, I just about laughed myself silly all the way back up the hill, then I screamed all the way down again. Good to see you back!

  9. The green grass looks so good....snow flakes here in Northern Michigan.

  10. Fun post! Snow, then rain, then mud, then grass. That's quite a transition! Your sledding hill is really nice. Quite a long ride for you (and then the climb).

    Your cattle look great. Love those calvies.

    Don't those little girls keep you young?