The House On the Hilltop - Part Six

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Continued from The House On the Hilltop - Part Five

Well, its official!  Insulation is complete! 

It was very exciting in the beginning...  I got to install almost all of the insulation that was under the eight to ten foot height.  It was very fun.  I thought about making it my day job.  I think I actually said to Eldon, "We could be insulation contractors and I could do it".  I'm not sure he answered me. 

Then....  it got a little harder.  See all those crazy angles in the dormer windows?  Took me hours to get those cut and installed to perfection.  (Not sure perfection was required - but it sort of reminded me of making a quilt and I thought it had to be perfect.)  I started getting a bit discouraged.  Just a bit.

Then this became my job.  We got the scaffolding in place and Eldon moved up to the third level of scaffolding to insulate the cathedral ceiling and I became "the person on the ground".  Sounds easy right?  I cut and cut and cut. 

And not only did I cut, but I had to carry the pieces up the three levels of scaffolding so Eldon didn't have to repeatedly come down to get them.  This was R38 insulation which means that it was 12 inches thick, which means that it was pretty heavy carrying up the side of scaffolding. 

I had piles like this all over the house.

I did feel sorry for Eldon being on top of that scaffolding twenty feet up in the air all day for three days in a row.  He was a good sport.  I was the one on the ground (and up and down the scaffolding) that was crying. 

But its done now and I survived.

This morning I cleaned every square inch of the place, and decided that I've kept this farmhouse under construction so clean that maybe that's what I should do for a day job:  clean houses under construction!  (smile!) 

Its done, its clean, it passed inspection and we are ready for sheet rock! 


  1. You are one amazing lady. I can't wait to come out and see your project and where you all live. Mel was telling me that you wanted to do the Farmer's Wife quilt with us?? If so, maybe we can make a date and work on some blocks!

  2. I am so impressed with all you have done in being a part of your home construction. Donnie and I did a lot of the work ourselves when we built our home, but not like you guys. You will love it even more since you have worked so hard to get it built. A true labor of love.

  3. Oh my goodness, that looks absolutely terrifying. Where is Dad's safety rope tying him to the scaffolding???? So glad you have this part finished... it's looking amazing! Before you know it the fun will start. :-)

  4. Wow! Amazing...just the two of you doing all that hard work!
    You're both very brave and dedicated....I think a lot of people would
    thrown in the towel and just hired some people. It's great...can't wait
    to see it all done..easy for me to say just sitting back and watching...

  5. I'm in AWE of you, Dori! I saw your blog on Brenda's, and will be glad to follow!

  6. Wow Dori, that is going to look fantastic - happy holidays!

  7. Dori, you and your husband should feel very proud of yourselves. It looks like you're going to have a BIG house..

    It looks like you'll be able to have a huge tree next Christmas.. Wouldn't that be nice !

    I found you through Brenda's Cozy little House blog.. I would like to follow your blog as each step is finished..

    There have been two additions (much smaller than you're dealing with) put on our house.. I have some idea about the work it takes to make it just right.

    Take care and enjoy your new home..
    Charlotte in Virginia

  8. Hi, I'm over from Cozy Little House. I am loving your farmhouse-it's beautiful. Can't wait to follow the progress you make. My Hubs and I have always wanted to redo an old house, but that has never worked out. I'll just have to watch yours being built!

  9. Hi, me again. I had to come back after scrolling though your wonderful blog. My husband was born and raised in NM (Artesia) and I met him in Las Cruces in college. I can relate to the green chile post. We live outside of Dallas now and can get Hatch chile, but that's only recent.I'm enjoying your blog!

  10. Oh my! You are a happy helper. My Other Half and I do better when we are each working on our own projects and just meet back in the house for lunch ;) Goo dluck---it looks great!

  11. Wow! You guys have lots of work ahead of you! You are a great positive helper! Can't wait to see the completed project. I popped over from Brenda's Cozy Little house to say howdy!

  12. Hi Dori! I'm a new follower. My husband and I (and kids) built our house 6 yrs ago, all 3,800 ft...It took us 2 1/2 looooong years, but so worth it. We are still amazed at ourselves for doing it! Hang in there! Hope you'll come follow me too :)