The House On the Hilltop - Part Seven

Thursday, January 3, 2013


Well....  the job of hanging sheet rock has begun!  We figured up an estimate of sheet rock needed, ordered it and had it delivered.  This is just one stack in the house! 
The first place we started were the ceilings.  We have this handy hoist thing that works like a champ.  You set your measured, cut and marked sheet rock piece on the top, roll it up to the ceiling and lock it in place.  It holds it while you screw in the screws! 
See how easy that is?  (smile!) Notice the cut holes for the light fixtures and smoke alarm?  That is my job.  Measuring where they are and cutting the exact size in the exact location.  It should be pretty simple and straight forward....  but, well not exactly.  We ruined a couple sheets because I made some pretty big mistakes at first! 
These are my tools that hang out in my pocket all day long!  I also have a really nifty T-square that doesn't fit in my pocket and I'm constantly looking for it! 
There's my T-square!  Sheet rock is really interesting stuff to work with actually.  It is super easy to cut; you measure your mark, score it with an exacto blade, snap it off and cut the paper in the back.  Its kind of fun.  (It won't be my permanent day job though!)   
This is what makes working in the house in the middle of freezing cold winter bearable!  It works amazingly well! 
Measuring and cutting the outlet boxes is my other job!  It requires quite a bit of measuring and double-checking before I cut. 
While I'm doing the measuring and cutting, Eldon is hanging the previous piece.  I try to stay one stop ahead of him but usually he's waiting on me!
He's got this great gun that has the sheet rock screws on a plastic strip that feeds through as he goes.  Makes is pretty slick for installing. 
The only problem is that it doesn't always feed the screws smoothly.  And its heavy. 
And there's Belle.  That's where she hangs out to watch!  Ocassionally we throw her frisbee to the upstairs room and she bounds up the stairs and back down faster than you can blink! 

And this is the other place she hangs out.... with her cows and her horse!

We are working slow and steady and making it around the house.  I don't think we'll ever say that hanging sheet rock is easy, but it is certainly a great job for seeing results fast!  I'm starting to dream of paint colors now!  But then Eldon reminds me there is a lot of sheet rock still to be hung!  (AND taped AND textured!)


  1. I love reading all about your home. You impress me tremendously with all that you are doing. Keep those posts coming.

  2. Look forward to seeing your posts and reading about your progress on your house and farm. Brings back some great memories!

    Take care.

  3. I can't tell you how excited I was to see your post in my inbox! I am not a champ at measuring either. Your job would make me extremely nervous! Well done by both of you. I'm just curious...where are you living while you are building this house?