The House On the Hilltop - Part Eight

Monday, February 25, 2013

Continued from The House On the Hilltop - Part Seven

Its been over a month since I wrote about our house progress as there was only so much that could be said about hanging drywall!  Eldon and I did manage to get it all hung and then we stood back, took a very deep breath and hired someone to come in and do the finish work on the drywall.  We felt it required more expertise than we had!  (And frankly, we were exhausted.)
We got a few quotes and then went with our gut instinct and hired the men that were brothers, had worked together their whole lives, and gave us a warm fuzzy feeling! 
The warm fuzzy feeling was important because Eldon was going to be gone for almost a month and I would be the one overseeing the work.  I needed to feel comfortable with the men that would be here.  Let me just say they were good ole Tennessee boys and very fun to have around for the ten days they worked.  I was "Mrs Dori" immediately and they tolerated my presence very well!
I don't have any pictures of their work in progress.  It was a huge, huge mess that I tried not to think about too much because I knew I would be the one cleaning it up!
It took me two full days to clean up the mess!  And a trip to the dump with a huge load of empty drywall compound boxes.  And then guess what?
You guessed it...  I started painting!  The master bedroom painting is complete except for this wall because I am still debating on that blue. 
Then Eldon got home from his month long consulting job and went straight to the lumber yard for this beautiful pine planking. 
And we started on the dining room ceiling!  It is gorgeous.  It will go in the dining room and in my upstairs craft room ceiling.  I will paint it the same color white as the walls. 

The planks are one inch thick tongue and groove and actually very fun to install. 
My husband is really letting me branch out.  I got to do the cutting!  Not that there is anything to it, but it made me feel important anyway!
Dining room walls are painted, planks are installed on the ceiling and its looking like a real room!  Tomorrow we start on the planks in the craft room. 
And this is a peak at some of the projects I worked on to keep myself busy while Eldon was gone.  Now the sewing machine is put away, the Annie Sloan paint is back in its box, the porch furniture projects are on hold and its back to working on the house! 


  1. I just love following your house progress here! And I have to tell you, your quitting post gave me the push I needed (might be right over the edge I'm afraid!) to buy the miss fabric I've been drooling over, and start my first quilt! Now I will be more glad than ever to have Mom close by!

    1. Oh, thats so exciting Lynisha!!! There is no feeling of accomplishment like the feeling of making a quilt from start to finish. You will love it. Pick an easy pattern. Trust me - the more tiny pieces in each block the harder it will be. Count them! :-) Ha Ha! Keep me posted.

  2. The house looks wonderful Dori - and I LOVE the pine plank ceiling. I know what it looks like the day after drywall is finished. Gack what a mess.

  3. Almost 20 years ago my husband, brother-in-law and I built our log home (3000 sf) and your post takes me back to that wonderful time. It's incredibly empowering - there will never be anything you cannot do now. And working a DeWalt compound mitre saw is something else! Love your ceilings and dormers and the cathedral ceiling (ours is 22' so I can relate). The blue looks great and is so close to one I just used in our kitchen and my "idea room" - love, love it. Good luck with everything - I enjoy following.

  4. Dori, I always love to see your posts. The wood planked ceilings are going to be beautiful! Thank you for sharing your home with us.

    Take care.

  5. OHHHH I am so in love with those planked ceilings! What a brilliant choice. Like you said, things are really starting to come together. It won't be long now...Your colors are lovely too. The reds and blues are farmhouse perfection! I'm glad your husband is back but don't work too hard. :o)

  6. Love all the progress you've made! It is going to be one fabulous farmhouse! And the planked ceilings...oh wow!!! Glad your husband is back :) Can't wait to see more, Dori. Have a great week!

  7. It is really coming together. I think sheet rock and paint are the most encouraging parts....progress! I love the planked ceilings too. We did a lot of bead board and I still love it. I can't wait to see it all finished.

  8. Those ceilings are going to be wonderful ( they already are ! : )

  9. It's so fun to see the progress on your house! Love those plank ceilings, we've done several projects (walls and ceilings) with that. It's one of our favorites.
    I'm ready to start working on our house again after a couple months break for new babies. Of course spring on it's way is kind of motivating me that way too!

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  12. Very wise idea to hire the drywall finishing out! My husband has done a couple of our rooms and it was not fun at all. We have a guy who comes to do it for us when we get another room ready now! It is one thing that is totally worth paying to have done. I am in love with your dining room ceiling! Love a wood ceiling like that :)

  13. Looks like things are coming along.
    Love the ceiling.
    Your sneak peak projects are wonderful.
    Love your signs.