Custom Range Hood, Chalkboard Tray, and Butcher Block!

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

There's a story behind my custom range hood.  It wasn't in the kitchen plans or even in my mind.  When I met with the cabinet shop, I had actually requested a spot for an above range microwave/fan and a small cabinet above that. 

Then one day I had the conversation with both my daughter and daughter-in-law (neither of whom have microwaves) about how I wondered if maybe I didn't need a microwave, but then what would I do since I didn't want an ugly old range hood?  Immediately upon saying that I remembered reading Miss Mustard Seed's blog post on her custom range hood. 
I'm sure you've all read the post, or seen the picture but here it is just to remind you of how beautiful her range hood is. 
This is where I would like to say that I love to look at magazines, read blogs, and look at pinterest and I really love the inspiration they all give.  However, I also really like to have my own ideas and implement them because its what I like, not because its what is popular at the moment.  BUT, I will admit that I printed the above picture and drove right down to the cabinet shop where I changed my order!  I did ask that they not copy the range hood exactly but the one request I had was that I wanted the shelf on the front!
I did prepare my husband, I even showed him the picture and tried to describe it.  However, I was absolutely NOT prepared for the range hood when it was delivered.  It was huge, heavy and actually sort of foreign looking.  It sat on the floor for a few days where we ignored it while we installed the cabinets.  Finally, it couldn't be ignored any longer and Eldon got started. 
By then he had a plan... wall was penetrated to the outside where a vent cover went up, duct work installed on the inside wall, the correct hole was cut in the range hood to fit the fan we had special ordered.... 
and the range hood went up!
And, oh my goodness, I love it!  I have been dreaming about all the things I can put on the shelf....  seasonal decorating will be so much fun!  Then.... an idea hit me!
I bought this awesome huge tray at a tag sale for $2.00 and really haven't found a great use for it. 

So I bought some chalkboard paint....
Did a 10 minute paint job....
Brought in the professional artist in the family (my grand-daughter, Jillian)...
Perfection!!!  Since I don't like my handwriting or my (lack of) artistic skills she'll have to be the one in charge of changing this out each week! 
One last bit of news.  We made a trip to Atlanta (I've NEVER in my life seen traffic like we saw in Atlanta - oh my word it was crazy) and had a great time at IKEA where we bought our Butcher Block planks for the counter tops!!!  Eldon has been fitting and cutting and I have my work cut out for me in sanding and oiling - I will let you know how it all goes!
Hope your week is the best! 
(P.S.  I'm still in manual mode on my camera but I really need some help from my daughter... its getting worse instead of better!)


  1. Perfecto!!! And I so envy you that range hood - a JenAir downdraft is the only thing which would work with our layout. Gosh, it is all looking so good and you and Eldon are doing a great job!

  2. LOVE your range hood and the entire kitchen! It's going to be so beautiful. (P.S. I'll help you any time! :-) )

  3. Oh that range hood is incredible! I am constantly amazed when I read these update posts what your husband can accomplish on his own. (With you as his trusty assistant of course!) Love the white and adore the shelf. As far as manual mode on your camera I struggle as well. I don't know what I'm doing wrong so there is no way I can correct it. Of all the things "blog" related that is by far the hardest for me. I do think your pics are really good though. So clear and in focus. Hang in there...take Andrea up on her offer to help. Not so much that you NEED the help, but maybe it will take some of the doubt away. Do you have a move in date yet?

  4. I want details! What did you think of Ikea? Were you smitten?

  5. Well Dori I WAS going to insist on a cow's head on your shelf (Miss Mustard Seed is a Genius!) until I saw Jillian's art. It is just perfect and I love that she will do this for you on a frequent basis. She'll remember this forever. The range hood is just perfect! I have no earthly idea how Eldon knows how to do all this stuff but I admire the beejeebers out of him. IKEYA is really a trip, huh. I'm not allowed to go anymore unless my hands are tied behind my back and I have no cash or credit cards.

  6. I just can't wait to see everything finished. Your range hood is amazing! Great vision. :)

  7. LOVE!! IT!!!! I'm catching up on posts, I read all the others, but will comment once. I love your house, and you are a ROCK STAR for doing that tile yourself!!!!!!!!!

  8. I think the range hood is perfect for your house! Jillian's art is so sweet, too :)

  9. Hi, Dori! I just saw your comment at Lee's, and thought I'd visit. I love your blog!!! You have a new follower!

    Your new range hood is fantastic. The hood is genius! And the chalkboard...yes, leave the art to the kiddies! lol! We had a carpenter make our hood and just love it. One thing I learned later on and after a lot of elbow grease, always use your exhaust fan when frying foods. I had such a grease build up I thought I ruined the wood of the hood.

    I am not that camera savvy, I'm still learning. But I can recommend that you get off manual and use the "P" setting for most of your pictures. If you want to blur backgrounds, use "Av" mode. For very close up shots where you want to see the details (like a bowl of cherries or a cupcake), use the macro mode, it looks like a little tulip on your dial. I know this sounds very lame in the terms I've used but I'm still reading my manual after a year of having my camera!!!!

    So good to have met you. Can't wait to see the rest of your kitchen! :)


  10. Dori... just perusing your blog... love the progress on your house and your beautiful farm... how exciting! I have lived in east TN most all of my life and just love our mountains and rolling hills! Great artwork from your grand-daughter... just the perfect spot for it! :)

  11. Love the range hood in your kitchen. Such a statement it makes. The artwork is perfection.

  12. oh wow. your farmhouse is coming along so well! It's so gorgeous Dori.
    I need to check on it more often. The outdoor porch stuff is fun too!

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