October Monthly Moos {A Calf Named Walter}

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Do you remember this darling little calf born back in June?  I don't think I told his whole story and I thought you might enjoy hearing that today!

We were watching his Momma, knowing she could deliver any day and so we saw her when she went into early stages of delivery.  Eldon was keeping an eye on her and when an hour went by and there was no change (a big red flag in a momma cow in labor) he called our local Veterninary Clinic and spoke with the doctor on call (who we did not know).  The doctor agreed there was a problem. 

He came and assisted the Momma in delivering this HUGE little bull calf.  We knew immediately that the little guy's daddy had some Brahma in him as the momma is a Charolais.  (When we purchased the Momma Cow she was already pregnant.) 

Everything went like clock work and as the Vet was loading up his things in his truck we asked him what his name was.  In his very strong Southern drawl he said; "Walter".  That was it.  No first name, no "Doctor" before his name.  Just Walter. 
The next morning when we were checking on the calf and I was in the pen petting him, I called him Walter and it stuck!  It seemed fitting that he should be named after the Vet that delivered him.   So, Walter continued to grow.  And grow.  And grow.  Eldon took him, along with the other little bull calfs to be castrated and get their shots and Walter was the youngest calf and almost the biggest!
Now.... here he is today, just 4 months later.  He still has those floppy Brahma ears and the big floppy briscuit neck.  And he's still sweet.  And we still love him.  And he's still Walter.  Except that....
.... we found out the Vets name isn't Walter after all!  Its Doctor Walker!  So now we have a little steer named after the Vet, but yet not named after the Vet! 
He's only four months old and almost as big as his Momma.  He still nurses.  I'll spare you the picture of that!  But he's still a baby and we still want him to be able to nurse a couple more months. 
He loves his Momma and she loves him.  They are precious together!  They seem to love us too.  Sometimes when I look at them I wonder if they know that if we hadn't called Doctor Walker to come and help they would not be here today. 
So that's the story of Walter! 
I hope your month of October was wonderful.  Can you believe that November is right around the corner?  I'm excited because my parents are flying from New Mexico to visit us next week and I can hardly wait! 


  1. I'm so glad Walter is growing big and strong. Love his ears. Very happy that your moms coming out to visit too. It's this time of the year. I have been reading your archives about the process of building your home and I'm so happy for you to be near your daughter (I read her blog too). My sister lives close to our mom and I'm very happy she does. Guess when you get to a certain age, you realize family and home is what matters the most.

  2. I love this story and I love Walter! :-)

  3. Walter is adorable and what a delightful story about how he came to be! I wish I had one just like him, for my very own! Blessings to you.

  4. I love your Monthly Moos. What an adorable little family, thanks for the story of Walter! Have a wonderful time with your folks.

  5. What a sweet story.......how adorable is Walter and his momma!!!!!...
    how exciting having your parents flying in....is this their first time
    to visit you all in your new home??...that would be so exciting!
    just love your monthly moo stories!...thanks for sharing them,

  6. I love reading your monthly moo stories. Walters story is so sweet and so is his momma! Thank you for sharing. Enjoy your time with your parents.

  7. Welcome, Walter! What a great story. He's a beauty! I'll look forward to seeing more photos of Walter as he grows. I wonder how big he'll get?

  8. Walter/Walker - haha! Great story! I got to see a brand new calf moments after birth at my husband's family farm a couple of years ago. So precious.

  9. That is a great story. Glued to the screen as I check out the story..... then pics...... then more of the story.....then more pics... then ...Doctor Walker. Laughed. Smiled some more. Then back to look at that stud Walter! He is a fun story, and good looking animal. Dallen