The Cutest Spring Skirts Ever!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I've had the itch to do some sewing and what better thing to sew than spring skirts for my favorite little grand-girls?  Our library put on a little tea party for the local girls and their American Girl Dolls. 

That was all the excuse I needed to sew some matching outfits!

The young lady that does Story Time at our library really did it up big.  She set the tables so pretty with darling little tea pots at each table.   

And she served lots of different homemade treats made by our Librarian's mother.  It was so very well done.

The girls had to fill out a little questionaire sheet about themselves and that was read out load during the fashion show!  Each girl walked around the tables showing what they and their baby were wearing!  Rosy was the youngest girl there with her American Girl Bitty Baby!

Jillian had her American Girl Doll, Caroline, and she was so proud.  

Her Mommy even combed her hair to match Caroline's! 

The little skirts were a simple pattern that I found from my favorite sewing blog, MADE. (I changed them up a little bit by adding a waistband.)

I mixed them up a bit so they were matching, but not exactly the same!

I was such a beautiful spring day here in Tennessee.  We are so happy to stand on our hilltop and see green grass in every direction we look.  The trees are beginning to green up too!  What a happy day!


  1. So cute! The girls are adorable.

  2. Beautiful post! Beautiful girls!!

  3. I love the skirts... so beautifully made, and to make some for those girls dolly's is perfect... They looked lovely... and my daughter which is 16 still has her American girl dolls... she loved hers as well... And Spring at your farm I am sure is beautiful too...

  4. Darling shirts Dori and darling girls. We have just a few signs of spring and nothing is really green yet. Tips of hosta and daylilies are peaking through the mulch. I am so ready! Enjoy your Sunday ~ Ann

  5. Those girls are so beautiful! I just love those skirts and that you made them!!!! What a lovely day. Thank you for sharing.

  6. My mother made clothes for my sister and me growing up... your grands are so blessed to have you! We LOVE American Girl... what a great idea for a tea and for the girls!

  7. I just love reading your posts. Such joy, happiness and peace. Thanks for sharing and the skirts are absolutely adorable!!!

  8. They totally are the cutest spring skits ever! Love them. I would wear one. hee hee

  9. adorable...absolutely adorable!!! and you have an awesome library gal to do something up like that!!

  10. How adorable. I remember doing the same for my two little girls when they were growing up. Such precious memories.

  11. Those skirts are adorable and HOW FUN to attend such a lovely tea party! The girls and their dolls looked so sweet :).

  12. How funny that I read this tonight. I'm taking my daughter to our local tea room tomorrow for an American Girl Doll themed tea party! :D And I love those skirts! So cute and fun!