Guest Bedroom Reveal

Saturday, May 24, 2014

It's funny to me how long it has taken me to feel settled with the decorating in our new home.  I've struggled with every single room.  I have refused to just buy "stuff" to fill up the rooms, so it has been a slow process getting them exactly the way I would like.  This is our Guest Bedroom.  

My plan from the beginning was a room that was warm and cozy, but very simple.  I absolutely didn't want a lot of clutter and stuff.  Honestly, the picture I had in my mind was a bit of a simple Shaker style.

  I wanted my colors to be blue and yellow but after doing quite a bit of looking I settled on the white comforters and bedskirts from Target's Simply Shabby line.  I love them.  

I purchased the yellow buffalo check fabric from Country Curtains (did you know you can purchase fabric from them?) and it is the nicest quality.  It was worth every penny.  I made the curtains very simple; however, I did line them.  This bedroom is a very light bedroom so I knew the curtains would need to be lined to help darken the room when necessary.  

I have a pet peeve with curtains that are too short, so I like mine to drag the floor.  I think possibly I made these a bit too long though!  I will shorten them someday!  

I love this desk that I found at one of our local antique stores.  It is very old and very simple.  

I love all the dings and scratches on the top!

I am on the hunt for a similar looking piece to go on the other side of the room.  But I refuse to settle for just anything and I have yet to find what I'm looking for!

I love the decorator fabric I found for the throw pillows, they add a bit of a modern touch.  I just made simple envelope type pillow covers and I did purchase nice down pillow inserts so it makes these throw pillows just lovely.  I like the contrast of blues to the yellow buffalo check curtains!

I am happy with the overall look of the room.  Simple Shaker style with a bit of color and modern patterns thrown in!  

This is the room my darling grand-girls stay in when they visit, so while I was getting these pictures this little blonde, blue eyed pixie was bouncing from bed to bed!  

We've been so lucky since moving to Tennessee and into our new home that we've had the privilege of using our Guest Bedroom quite a number of times (not counting our grand-girls!).  Isn't over-night company just the very, very best?  We are so thankful for friends and family near and far that have come to visit us in this wonderful place that is now our home.  

Happy Memorial Day weekend to you, my friends.  


  1. Dori, I love the simplicity of your guest room...just beautiful. Yes, over night guest are the very best.
    Nothing is sweeter then grand children.... Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  2. Beautiful guestroom. Cute granddaughter too! Love shaker style and I used to buy from Country Curtains years ago. Always looked forward to their catalog. Have a patriotic Memorial Day. God bless you, Kathleen in Az

  3. Dori, I love Blue and Yellow together... so simply beautiful... and so is your Grand Girl... Happy Memorial Day as well... Connie from Ky

  4. Your guestroom is so pretty! The art work jumped out at me immediately and you didn't mention it. It looks like they are similar or by the same artist. I love how you have the tall piece on one side and the smaller piece on the other. the curtains are perfect. We have the Shabby Chic bedding in two of our bedrooms and I love it. It washes beautifully.

  5. What a joy to start fresh in your new house making it just how you want! This is a wonderful guest room made even better by that darling girl :)

  6. Very pretty room, restful with a little pop of color. I too noticed the artwork first. Thought one of them was a Wyeth print? Very nice job; I'd be very happy to stay in this room.

  7. Dori the room looks so lovely. You and me both love Target line simply shabby chic. Oh I love the bedspread. So pretty. Beautiful room.

  8. It looks so nice and inviting, Dori. Love the yellow checked curtains!

  9. What a lovely room! I know what you mean about not wanting to buy a bunch of things at once to decorate a room. It doesn't have the same personal feeling that a room filled with things you love and have collected over time has.
    I think anyone would be lucky to have a stay in your pretty guest bedroom!