August Monthly Moos {Porch Sitting}

Monday, August 25, 2014

It's been a busy month here on the farm, with hot temperatures and not much rain.  

Eldon has been making great strides on his garage/shop.  He's been able to do the majority of it himself, with a little help from our son in law and even littler help from me!  I have been doing the painting though.   It's looking really good and is a great match to the house.  (The shed you see there behind the garage is going to be moved soon.  We have a permanent concrete pad poured and ready so very soon that little shed will be moved out of the yard area.)

We're super excited to finish this bit of construction because the next big job is the landscaping and fencing around the house, garage and all the way behind the tree.  We've got a huge job ahead of us as we'll have to bring in fill dirt and do a lot of tractor work to get it just right before we can plant grass and put in flower beds and every other fun thing!  We also plan to finish out the back porch of the house with rails to dress up the back a bit.  It's a never ending job getting everything completed!  (The front of the garage is not done yet, when Eldon gets the doors installed and the porch part trimmed out and I finish painting I'll post more pictures.)

Other farm news is that our last calf was finally born!  We've had an exciting spring and summer of calves because we've had 100% calf crop.  This little heifer is sort of a lonely only as she came many months after all the others.  Her Momma is Walter's Momma.  (Remember Walter?  If you missed that post you can read it here.)

 I love this Momma cow for several reasons but especially for one big one - we call her String Trimmer because she literally grazes every bit of tall grass and weeds under our (temporary) yard fence.  I hardly have to use my string trimmer she does such a good job!  

Cows are very funny.  They are creatures of habit and every single evening about sun down they make their way up to the top of the hill where they graze and bed down.  Every. Single. Evening.  

So we oftentimes find ourselves sitting here on the back porch watching them!  

But usually we are on our front porch where the view is!  We've been having beautiful sunsets almost every evening.  

At the end of the day there is nothing more relaxing than porch sitting while the sun goes down! 

 I hope your summer has been an extra special one.  Do you feel like me...  dreading to see it go, or do you yearn for Fall weather? 

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  1. Definitely dreading to see the summer go, but I really appreciate the fall display, too. I have enjoyed your Monthly Moos so much. We moved to a rural area from the suburbs a year ago. While I am struggling to adjust to some aspects, one I love is that our property backs up to beautiful rolling hills and cattle. They are a delight to watch. I look forward to seeing your property evolve. It's really spectacular!

  2. I could sit on your porch forever. The sunsets are amazing! Looking forward to see pictures of the beautiful fall color trees. It sounds like your days are full in a good way. I enjoy reading your posts. Kathleen in Az

  3. I love Monthly Moos...what a beautiful homestead your have. I dread seeing summer go...I love fall when it gets here. I love fall scents and fall colors in trees... fall clothes are adorable. I love sitting on our front porch and watch the sunset also. Looking forward to the next Monthly Moos.

  4. You've got a really pretty place there with beautiful views. I'm trying to soak in every bit of summer I can. Winter usually comes early here and stays a long time, so I cherish summer.

  5. I grew up on a farm, and the thought of being able to sit on a porch and watch the cows come home...what a beautiful thing:>) You have such a beautiful home in a lovely setting.

  6. I don't know how I missed this post. I am happy to see this summer go away. I hope the door doesn't hit it in the bum. The past 3 summers have been just wretched and I am adopting autumn as my new favorite season. However, i might feel differently if I lived on your fabulous farm with you. You really do have an incredibly beautiful appealing place, and i'm super happy that you share it with us! Big love to you!!!

  7. Oh I can certainly see why evenings on the porch are such a draw! Beautiful! Though autumn is my favorite season, I am dreading letting this summer go. Perhaps because the weather has really been quite exceptionally good or because I hardly believe that the time has gone by so quickly.

    All of your projects sound wonderful and it must be pretty exciting to see things come together.

  8. Every time I read your blog, I feel homesick...if that makes sense. How can I possibly miss a place I've never been?!? Ha! :-) I think you just make it so homey and welcoming that I desperately want that type of life. It reminds me so much of summers at my grandma's ranch when I was younger. You have definitely inspired me to start saving my pennies for a little acreage on the edge of town.

    Thanks so much for sharing with us! I look forward to each and every post!

  9. I love watching cattle also. They are certainly creatures of habit! We have had cattle for years and, although caring for them can be a challenge it is so rewarding. If we want ours to come to the barn we get a bucket of crushed corn and call them and get out of the way. They will run over you for the corn! I have mixed emotions about summer's end. Fall is a beautiful season but winter is right behind and once Christmas has come and gone I'm ready for spring.

  10. Loved seeing the full view of your house. I'm with makes me homesick for a place I've never been. ;)