An Antique Trunk Just For Me!

Friday, December 12, 2014

Back in October I was visiting with a friend in Alabama and she said, "Dori, I've got an old trunk that I don't have a spot for anymore, would you like to have it?"  

I was almost salivating when I said, "Yes, please"!  

A few weeks later her parents delivered it to me and I was shocked.  I had absolutely NO idea it would be so huge.  

I also had no idea it would be in such excellent condition and so beautiful.

The details are just amazing.

I love the wooden slats on it and the hardware that connects them.

And the embossed flower pattern on it is so beautiful.

I've discovered a few things in my research.  There are tiny little numbers on the lock that are very hard to read but they are the Patent number and the year of manufacture.  Mine says 1883!!!  Isn't that crazy?   

On the ends of the truck there were leather handles at one time.  I found out in my reading and research that you can hardly find a trunk that the leather handles are still intact. I guess that makes sense in a trunk that is 131 years old!  However, the leather can be replaced and I hope to do that some day.  

I also read that the trunks with rollers are more valuable than the ones without.  I didn't think mine had rollers until I turned it upside down and there they were... tiny little rollers!  

The inside tray is missing, but that sure doesn't bother me any.  It is in very nice clean condition and guess what I intend to put in there?  Yep, you guessed it.  My old quilts!  

I have been reading about Miss Mustard Seed's Hemp Oil and I have decided to purchase some.  I think it will really bring the trunk to life.    I'll be sure to do some "after" pictures so we can compare and see what it does to the old wood and metal.

Have any of you used it and if so, what do you think about it?  

I kept the trunk in my living room for about a week and just didn't ever feel like it quite worked.  I moved it to a place of prominence in the guest bedroom and it is perfect!!!  It really makes the room come alive!  

P.S.  Thank you Anita!  


  1. How beautiful! The history is very interesting also. I love old things, I have several old trunks but they are the flat top one a & not as ornate or beautiful as that. I will look forward to hearing/ seeing how the oil works on it!

  2. Oh it is a corker! I am using my great-great grandparents trunk for my Christmas tree this year. I have one handle intact and the other is just hanging there. It is a flat-top whereas yours has that lovely curve. Does it have any odor inside? I used lots of tea bags and coffee grounds to get the "old" smell out of mine. Mine also has rollers, but I had no idea that that made it more valuable. Now I must check the lock! Thank you for all the information. Your trunk will be a wonderful place to store your quilts. I think that they are a charming piece of the good old days. I cleaned mine with coconut oil and apple cider vinegar so will be interested to know how your cleaning project goes.

  3. Oh what the stories this old beautiful trunk can tell. Yes, fitting for old beautiful quilts to hold. Stunning! Keep warm, Kathleen in Az

  4. So beautiful! I did not know that about the wheels - very cool. I LOVE the old trunks with the embossed tin like that, it is a treasure. Show us a pic of it in the bedroom, please :) Laura Parker from Flagstaff

  5. Isn't that gorgeous! What a wonderful gift. Who can't use extra storage?! I have my grandmother's old trunk from France and I absolutely love it. It is especially dear to me as I recently lost my momma. It's huge too, but so handy to have to store all of our indoor holiday decorations. Enjoy your new addition!

  6. It's really beautiful. What a sweet gift.

  7. Wow, what a great gift and idea on how to use it. My husband bought some MMS hemp oil

    1. ...and used it on a table he refinished and then he used it on the wood surfaces of our 1840 log cabin. It really made things shine and it smells natural and earthy. :0)

  8. What a generous gift..that was giving from the heart. Just Beautiful ~ happy for you Dori.

  9. The embossed flowers are amazing! I wonder why things could be made with such beautiful detail 100+ years ago and now that we have all this technology it would cost too much? I think the details on these old things are what make us love them, don't you? Every bit is beautifully crafted. What a lovely gift you received!

  10. That is a fabulous trunk! Just so you know, you can order custom made leather trunk handles and they are not expensive. That's what we used for handles on our interior barn doors. I think they were $15 set from ebay a few years ago. Enjoy filling that trunk with treasures!

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