The Garage {Slash} Shop Is Finished!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Our garage/shop is finished!  I hesitated to even write this post as we've had nothing but rain which results in a very muddy hilltop that is not at all pretty right now.  But it is a very exciting event to have Eldon's shop finished so I thought I would share it!  

This is the view as you come up our driveway muddy road to the back of our house and the garage.  The next big job awaiting us in the Spring is our landscaping, building a yard fence, putting in a cattle guard and building the rails, etc. on our back porch.  I can hardly wait!  Luckily I have a husband that loves to work right?

We really love the way the garage came out.  I wanted to go the easy route and have metal siding.  Eldon insisted on it matching the house and having the Hardy Plank siding.  Wow, am I happy he won that argument!  It looks really nice.

We painted it the same color as the house, put on the same color metal roof, built the porch the same and....

... even did the same beadboard ceiling on the porch that we did on the house porches!  

Here is the view from the other side of the hill.

I really love the inside.  It is definitely Eldon.  He put sheet rock on the ceiling and this awesome wood on the walls.  It gives it a nice wood smell and looks very masculine!  This is the side of the garage where we'll be parking our boat.  You didn't think we'd be parking CARS in here did you??!!  (Smile)

The art on the walls is compliments of our son who is an Aerial Lineman and works off of a helicopter platform.  He found these vintage pictures from the company that he works for and they gave them to him.  They are a fun addition to the walls.  

And the wood stove is the greatest thing ever!  That means he can work out here in the freezing cold weather conditions!  And I can bring my cup of coffee and sit by the fire and talk about the next project!

Custom work benches and table on the other side of the garage.  This is the shop part.  The place to work on projects.  The table can be moved out of the way if Eldon needs to bring a vehicle in to work on it.  (Yes, he does that too.)

At the  end of the work bench is an old roll top desk that is solid wood and weighs a million pounds.  We moved it from Utah, have had it in storage for 3 years and I refused to put it in the house.  Eldon said he'd make use of it in his garage!  It's funny because it actually looks pretty good!  

Then the other end with the carriage doors.  I helped Eldon install those things and it was an interesting job.  But we got them in and they work!

I love that we have attic space to store our camping gear and things.  The little pull down ladder is awesome.  Our grand-girls think it is amazing and I'm glad that when it's folded up into the ceiling they can't reach it!  (And the boat barely fit in its half of the garage!)  

It's the perfect attic space, with a light and windows on each side.  

I'm so glad that Eldon has his "space" back!  I know how much I hated not having my Craft Room.  It's kind of a fun place to hang out and I'm thinking I may have a few projects to do out here too.  (I imagine permission will be necessary first!!)  

Hope your New Year is off to a great start.  We started ours out with our kids all home and it was so special to have a house full of family, laughter, and craziness!  


  1. Happy New Year Dori! Beautiful Workshop/Garage. I'm sure your husband will enjoy his space and you too! Okay, never knew such a job as a Aerial Lineman. Wow! Courageous son and pilot. Looking forward to your improvements this year. Kathleen in Az

  2. Hi there, Dori;

    Love the wood walls! The heater is a wonderful addition ar this time of the year. I know you both will be using this space to plan your new projects for your beautiful farm.

    Happy New Year! It is wonderful to spend time with family.

    Take care.

  3. Awesome work space! I love the art your son gave you too, very unique and special. I am sure you will think of him every time you see it. The building looks wonderful :>)

  4. This came out beautiful. What a shop! Every man's dream. Love it!

  5. Looks so nice! Great to have a place to work in and plan future projects! I have seen aerial linemen working and always thought they were so brave to do that!! Happy New Year to you and your family

  6. If a garage/shop could be called lovely, that's what I'd call, I mean your husband's. :-) What a wonderful place! I can totally relate to your muddy road--we've had two feet of snow in the past three weeks, so I hate to see the mud we will have when it all melts!

  7. What a great space to work in! Everything is so well planned and finished, I love the stove, nothing like wood heat on a cold winter day! You will both enjoy this!

  8. Wow! What a beautiful space to work in! I love it Dori!! You and your husband are both so talented!

  9. What a great workspace! My husband notes that it is very clean. =D Hope that you both have a lot of fun chatting by the fire or doing more projects together (or alone).

  10. What a fantastic space! The wood-burning stove is such a bonus in winter months. You've got a beautiful place. Have fun rocking by the fire.

  11. Dori that is so nice.. a warm place to join him in the winter. So happy for you all.

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  13. We love husband and I both do. I showed it to him. And we're envious over that wood burning heater in the garage too. Great job!

  14. I know you're hubby is grinning from ear to ear now! :) My hubby's workshop is still in progress. It started out being just a pole barn when we moved here. It's since had walls and siding added, but still lacks it's roll up bay doors and electric. Someday. :)

  15. I was so thrilled to see Eldon's workshop done - had to share with my husband (he, too, has enjoyed watching your building saga). Everything about the space is great -- the light, the work surfaces, most especially the "heating stove" - what a wonderful place to work and catch up on things! Thanks for sharing - it's always a treat!!