May Monthly Moos {Hay Bales Are For.... Jumping!}

Sunday, May 24, 2015

I'm not sure there is anything that makes me happier than listening to my little grand-girls giggling and playing with sheer abandonment.  

We had our first cutting of hay and before the bales were stacked for storing my little grand-girls came and played on the bales.    I'm amazed at how much difference a year makes in a child.  Last year Jillian couldn't begin to clear the distance between the bales.

This year she was flying over those things!

Poor little Rosetta.  She just wasn't sure that she should even try.  Jillian was trying to give her a little sisterly encouragement.  "You do it like this, Rosy.  Lift up your arms...."

"... and JUMP"!

Rosy still wouldn't jump.  So back Jillian came to try to encourage her again.  

She stood right there saying, "Come on Rosy.  Just do it.  It's fun."  Finally she couldn't stand it any longer and she jumped!  

And then... there was no stopping her!

She jumped... and jumped... and jumped!  

And then they held hands and jumped... which resulted in some crashes!

Oh I love those little girls.  And I'm pretty sure Belle feels the same way!

Happy Summer!  


  1. Well this just made me smile through the whole post! Encouragement from big sister with Belle in the mix. That's what is all about on this Memorial Day weekend. Freedom with family from the services of our Military. Bless you and Happy Summer Dori, Kathleen in Az

  2. Too "cute" & nothing funner then those Grandies!

  3. Dori, so nice to see Kids being Kids... playing for real and not on a video game stuck inside... those sure were the days... SIMPLE LIVING Having SIMPLE FUN... BLESSED beyond measure.. Happy Memorial's Day... hug those girls tight...

  4. Oh what fun! and for sure, some great action shots!! wow!!

  5. What a fun story to read and the pictures are a delight!
    Grandkids are such a joy!
    Thank you for sharing!

  6. TOO PRECIOUS! Your pictures are awesome! Thanks for warming my heart! Cathy in Idaho

  7. This is sweet! Love the dog too!

  8. You have the most beautiful little granddaughters Dori! What great shots you captures with them caught midair with all the sweet abandon of childhood. Those are worthy of framing :>)

  9. memories abound on your farm on the hill!! adorable grand-girls and a very special grammie!!!

  10. Wow...this could have been a children's book. It was delightful!! Precious photos of precious memories!!

  11. The only thing better than that, would be if you could be a little girl again (just for one day) and play with them:) I love the photos of her hair blowing out behind her.
    Have a wonderful week.
    Connie :)