November Monthly Moos {My Month In Pictures}

Friday, November 27, 2015

I've been thinking lately about all the hundreds of things that have been taking up my days and all the things I could tell you about.  

Like the late Anniversary trip that Eldon and I took to Point Clear, AL where we stayed at the most amazing resort with the Bay on three sides of us...

where we played Croquet while watching the boats and dolphins in the Bay...

and rode bikes along the Marina and the Boardwalk...

And we said, "That is the best vacation we've ever had and we're going back every year"!   Then we came home to our beautiful farm and said, "Why would we ever want to leave our Hilltop anyway"?  Smile! 

And then my parents drove all the way from New Mexico and we had a wonderful ten days.  Dad and Eldon built fence during the day and shelled pecans and walnuts in the garage in the evenings.

Mom and I worked on our quilting projects and other fun sewing things like this.  
(While we talked, laughed and enjoyed being together.)

And this!  (The reveal on this darling project will come soon!)

And I made and mailed out this precious little gift to a sweet friend (more on that later too)!

And I sewed and shipped out my many custom Essential Oil bag orders as quickly as I possibly could.  (And discovered that the USPS has THE greatest online shipping set-up ever!)

And of course spent wonderful days making memories with my grand-girls.  

And cooking for Thanksgiving... and eating the yummiest Tiramisu I've ever made.  
(Just you wait... tutorial coming on that soon!) 

And I've discovered that we have these amazing winter flowers growing on our farm... Frost Flowers!  (You can read my blog post about them on MaryJanesFarm here.)

And now.... it's almost December.   

I hope your November was filled with beautiful days, memories with family and friends, and projects that make you happy!


  1. Love love love looooove.
    That is all.
    big hugs.

  2. A testimonial of what life is; love, family, friends, food, and enjoying nature's beauty! Happy Thanksgiving Dori! Kathleen in Az

  3. Simple pleasures really are all that matter. So glad you're living your dream life. May it continue on...

  4. Thank you for sharing the sweetness of your life!

  5. It looks like November was an excellent month! So many wonderful memories! :-)

  6. Some of our favorite family memories were made at The Grand Hotel in Point Clear around their (old) huge Hollywood style pool by the beautiful bay!

  7. That's the manly way to crack walnuts and pecans. =D Wonderful photo of you and your mom sewing together. So neat.

  8. Oh, Dori...what a sweet post. Your anniversary trip looked like so much fun and your visit with your parents warmed my heart. We'll have to get your husband's walnut shelling tips. We have five black walnut trees on our property and we have yet to take advantage of these "gourmet" nuts. The picture with your mother was so special and your grand-girls are precious. Thanks so much for sharing. Hope to still visit some day.

  9. Such fun packed post, Dori!! I love that you still have your parents to enjoy. Oh, what a wonderful blessing to be able to sit and quilt with your Mom. The pecan picking photo in the barn is also adorable with your Dad. It sounds like your November was one of the best ever!!

  10. Quilting projects are so fun, what a privilege to sit and quilt with your Mom! I can just feel the warmth from that wood stove in the garage, they look like they're having fun too!