It's Spring Tea Party Time!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

I had the privilege last week of having a little tea party for four little girls, two Mommas, and two Grammie's.

It was such a fun day and probably made even more fun by the fact that I really didn't spend a lot of time pulling it together and I spent very little money.

I went to the Dollar Store and Party City for little junk goodies for the little girls to play with and also to decorate up the tables a little bit!

I made little place tags for each of us by using a Cricut tea pot cartridge, printing up our names and glueing them on.  I already had the cartridge and the paper.

Several years ago I held a Valentines Party at my house and made the table runner and the cloth napkins, so I was able to re-use those again.   I used one of the plastic rings I bought at the dollar store as napkin rings!

I purchased the Tulips at Whole Foods - three packages for $9!

I had crepe paper and tissue paper left over from a birthday party so I made pom ponms and hung them.  Tissue paper pom poms always add such a fun touch, don't you think?

I pulled together some of my old tea cups and saucers, used a few things of my daughters and purchased sugar cubes because Jillian said, "Gram, make sure you get sugar cubes.  You have to have those for a tea party"!

For dessert I made Red Velvet Cupcakes frosted and sprinkled with pink and blue!  You can't have a tea party without fancy cupcakes!

And Cake Pops wrapped in plastic, tied with a bow, and placed in a vintage milk glass add a special touch to the table centerpiece!  I love making cake pops!

Somehow I didn't end up with any pictures of our lunch, but it very simple.  Peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut into hearts for the little girls, Chicken Panini sandwiches for us adults, and a big bowl of fruit for all of us.

The last thing I did was make a little purse for each girl.  I made the pattern myself, they were very simple and the girls loved them.  (I have a tutorial coming soon!)

These darling little barefoot girls are so precious!

I love the above picture of all three older girls focusing on the baby.   Jillian's hand on Ivory's little head is so precious!

We drank tea with our pinky in the air...

slowly stirring...

... and grinning at our first taste of a sugar cube!

The little girls had a really good time at their tea party.  

And so did the big girls!

It was a great way to celebrate the start of Spring!  


  1. What a fabulous tradition! Those girls must have felt very special.

  2. What a special day for all of you!

    Take care.

  3. How sweet and festive! I have pictures of our tea parties long ago. Sugar cubes a must and my sisters cream puffs. She had the tea pots and cups ( I have a few of them ), dresses and hats. So much fun and making wonderful memories. Love this post Dori!
    Kathleen in Az

  4. What fun for all of you! The decorations and flowers are beautiful, pink is my favorite color!


  5. That's wonderful! Your little princesses are so sweet. My granddaughters are asking for another tea party so we'll be having one when they come for a week next month. I will be using some of your ideas. :)

  6. So adorable!! Looking forward to the purse tutorial, thanks!

  7. I love this so much! It brings back memories of tea parties with my girls and their friends. I can't wait to have grandkids some day, and hopefully some of them granddaughters so we can have more fancy tea parties. :) The purses are adorable!

  8. Such a darling Tea Party for your girls! Love the colors and extra touches you added to the table. The little photos of them are just the cutest ever. What a splendid day you all had!