Just Add Lettuce!

Monday, August 28, 2017

I am such a lover of salads.  It is a rare day that I don't have some sort of green salad for either lunch or supper.

As I was putting together a Sunday Chef Salad it was so pretty I found myself snapping pictures from my phone.  Then, I took this platter of Chef Salad fixings to my daughter and surprised her family with it for lunch.  And she proceeded to take pictures.  (Are we bloggers or what?!)  So, I deemed it blog worthy!  Here is what I put together on my favorite huge enamelware platter:

Fresh tomatoes from my garden.  


To prepare the asparagus you will want to blanch it first.  If you are not familiar with blanching this is what you do:  drop your asparagus in boiling water for 30 seconds, remove it from the boiling water and quickly put it in a bowl of water with ice cubes.  Leave it in the ice water until it is cooled completely (just a minute or so) and then strain off the ice water.  This will keep it crunchy and fresh.  

Chopped Ham

Three Cheese Tortellini

Normally I would put cheese on the tray, but I had these Three Cheese Tortellini's that needed to be used so they took the place of cheese.

Sugar Snap Peas

I also blanched these the same way as the Asparagus.

Boiled Eggs


Grilled and diced Chicken Breast

And then all you need to add is Lettuce and salad dressing of your choice!

In my opinion, there is no better meal!


  1. That looks really delicious! I enjoy salads that look like this and I am sure it was super tasty.

  2. Especially with homemade dressing, like ranch:). My husband likes a variety of fixings to add to his greens, I know he'll like your Chef salad.
    Have a wonderful day, Kathleen in Az

  3. I'm with you on the daily salads. I have been craving kale of late, and adding it to every salad and sandwich I eat. You've got some yummy additions there. Enjoy!