ANNOUNCING! {Mini Quilt Class}

Saturday, January 19, 2019

There's something I've been yearning do for some time now.  It's something that I feel there is a need for in the online sewing community and something that really speaks to me as a Gram and as a Maker.   I want to offer an online beginner quilting class especially geared to children and beginner adults.

The idea has been brewing for a very long time.  And when I read the book Big Magic (have you read that?) it made me realize that when you have an idea brewing, you really have an obligation to act on it!  It's taken me a couple years to get to this place.  But here it is folks:

I am offering an online beginner quilting class!   

This is geared toward children but will also be an absolutely fantastic course for a beginner adult.

We will be making a darling little miniature quilt,  approximately 16 x 16 inches square.  Mini quilts are a fantastic way to learn to quilt, as every step is exactly what you would do in a full size quilt but on a much more manageable scale.   Mini quilts can be used in a variety of ways.  Children love to use them for doll blankets, a topper for their nightstand or to hang on a wall.   I personally love using mini quilts as table runners and toppers.  They are excellent for all ages and genders.

This class will be held every week for approximately 9 weeks.  Every week the student will be emailed a PDF file with step by step instructions for that particular weekly lesson.   The lessons will build on each other and at the end of the 9 weeks, the student will have finished their first miniature quilt!  The lessons will be easy for a child to follow along with the help of an adult.  An older child or beginner adult with a little sewing experience and reading instructions can do it on their own.  Each lesson will have clear and concise pictures to make the instructions easy to understand!

The student will not be required to start at any particular time or to finish each lesson in a week, but will still get the weekly email with the next lesson.  The great thing is that you can work at your own pace.  There is no pressure to hurry up and finish, and no deadlines.  Those weekly emails will be in your inbox just waiting! 

The supplies are simple and all that is needed to get started is a 5 inch Charm Pack of fabric!  Very fun, very inexpensive and very simple!  (The fabric line I used in my little mini quilt was Lemonade Sunday by Leonie Bateman for Riley Blake Designs.)

The cost of the class, nine complete lessons, is $50.00.  

If you are interested in signing up, or just need more information please email me:  

I'm so excited to get started!!!


  1. Great idea - I know it'll be sooo cute! Can't wait to see your posts about it!

  2. P.S. I'm thinking about taking your class ...

  3. WooHoo!! I’m in!!! This is just what I need. Working at my own pace will work great as I have obligations right now that are taking lots of my time. But, I need something new to look forward to. Let me know what to do next!

  4. Replies
    1. Amanda, could you please email me? The email address I was able to find for you through blogger bounced back. I'm thrilled you're interested and eager to email you the Introductory letter!

  5. Dori, I would love to be in this class. It is something I always have wanted to do but just haven't done it and a beginner class would save me a lot of mistakes. And help me to do a full size quilt later on, hopefully. My email is Please let me know if I am not too late.

  6. Dori. Count me in. I have some skills but would like to learn the stuff I lack. I have an aunt thats a master quilter and my mom and grandmother both quilt. I hope to have time in the future to do more! Thank you!