The House on the Hilltop - Part Five

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Continued from The House on the Hilltop - Part Four

October 2012
Its so exciting to be at the place where we are working inside the house now.   So far it has been small tedious work that is vital in order to have really huge things in our house - like water, electricity, heating and cooling!!!  The plumbing wasn't too big of a deal and Eldon had that complete in no time at all.  The electricity and duct work has been a really big job! 

See these things???  There are 125 of them in our little house!!!
I helped Eldon pull the wires through the house and helped in the decision making process of where to put outlets, switches, lights and fans.  I didn't realize it was such a big deal to decide all that. 

Recessed lights and ceiling fan in the vaulted ceiling of the living room. Also, against the wall on the left side we wired it for two gooseneck barn lights. 

Somehow I can't seem to get any good pictures of my kitchen ceiling.  This one is taken from upstairs.  Can you see the wiring in the ceiling??  This is wired for four pendant barn lights. 

Upstairs craft room wired for ceiling fan and light, two recessed lights, and two gooseneck barn lights off the back wall. 
This looks like a big mess; but it does actually make a lot of sense (well, to Eldon it does).
Almost ready for our rough-in inspection - November 2012
And in case you are wondering, we used 20 foot scaffolding to wire the 26 foot vaulted ceiling in the living room and kitchen.  Please don't ask me why I don't have pictures.  Maybe I just couldn't stand to look at Eldon way up there. 
Some of the duct work in the upstairs.
Air handler in mechanical room upstairs.
Heating and air conditioning unit at back of house.
I hesitated to even do this post as it is such a boring phase of construction!  So, to make it a little more exciting here is my choice for my pendant and gooseneck barn lights I've chosen.  What do you think? 

I love red.  I am actually pretty obsessed with red in my house.  I can't imagine a day that I wont want red in my house.  So, I'm very comfortable with the red in my dining room and kitchen.  But when it comes to the gooseneck lights in the living room I'm just not sure on the color.  I will also have two of them in my craft room upstairs and not sure on that color either.   I am very much a person that loves color, so it is really hard for me to do something like black or bronze.  Its a very exciting time for me - I get to really start making some decisions now!  I'm really thankful for my daughter, Andrea; she is amazing at decorating and ideas.  I rely on her to bounce my ideas off all the time. 
This post brings us current on our construction.  I imagine it will be awhile before I have much else to add.  We are looking forward to being gone for 10 days over Thanksgiving and I'm sure when we are home from that trip we will be working fast and furious on insulation. 
Thanks for following along!

To be continued in The House On the Hilltop - Part Six


  1. The lights are perfect! I love the red!!

    When is your expected (I say that loosely) date to be finished?

  2. Great photos! I especially love the first one. :-)

    1. You'd be proud of me - I used manual setting on a couple of them!!! :-)

  3. Dory, You and Eldon have done a lot,looks like a well built, and cozy house to be! I am glad you included your lighting fixtures. Love them in red too!

  4. I love that you're sharing the construction process. I've been wondering how everything was coming along for you and when I discovered that you had started to blog about it I was excited to see your progress. So keep on sharing, it's not boring. : ) And I LOVE the lights by the way!

  5. I really enjoyed your house posts. So fun to see how it's coming. The style is basically what I've always dreamed of.
    Love those lights too, and I have to have red too. In fact painting my dining room paneling red right now.