The House on the Hilltop - Part Three

Friday, November 2, 2012

Continued from The House on the Hilltop - Part Two

Once all the framing and sheeting was up on the exterior of the house we started on the posts and beams of the porches.  This was a huge job with extremely heavy lumber and I'm happy to say I helped Eldon every step of the way - once even driving the tractor for him!

6 x 6 porch posts in place on back porch

Huge beam going up on back porch, me at the controls!

Somehow I don't have any pictures of the posts and beams going up on the front and side porches.  I must've been too busy helping!  Once these were all up it was time for the trusses to be delivered.  We went through City Lumber in Huntsville for the design and build of the trusses.  They did a fabulous job in the design, as this was where the modification we made in the dormers came into play. 

One of the delivery trucks with the trusses.  We were worried about them making it up the steep hill but they did it.

Eldon also staged the trusses in particular piles that made no sense to me!
I was getting pretty paniky when I saw how huge these things were.   I know I heard Eldon say something about needing to hire a crane to get them on the house, but I guess I just didn't have a picture in my head of how big they would be.   

The crane to the rescue! 
This was one of those days in our building when we absolutely had to have help.  Luckily we have some really good friends and family that were more than willing to come for the day. 

Some of the trusses up, now to figure out the beam that goes in the vaulted ceiling of the living room.

More discussion on the beam!

And here comes the beam!  That's our son on the scaffolding guiding the beam (luckily heights are not a problem for him!). 

The beam is in place!
Trusses going up on the beam.

The awesome thing about the design of the trusses is that they came out all the way off  the house onto the beams of the porches.  Kind of a "kill two birds with one stone" sort of deal.  (If you look close you can also see all the two by fours attached as supports so that the wind wouldn't take any trusses off.  Eldon was worried about a storm that would lay them over like dominoes.)
A wonderful successful day - no one got hurt, no trusses came down, the crane operator was awesome, and a good time was had by all!  -  May 2012


  1. So exciting to see the progress on your house! It's going to be awesome!!

  2. It's so amazing to look back and realize all the hard work you've put into the house. I still think it's the prettiest house ever and it's awesome to know that it's built to last!

  3. When I was 13 my family moved from a subdivision in Florida to 40 acres of land 30 miles from Flagstaff. My dad always thought he should have been a pioneer.

    We had no running water, electricity or kids we thought, 'Cool! Camping!' Ha!

    My dad with his 'pioneer spirit' thought how cool it would be to build a log home. So...we didn't go to the local log home kit store, we went to the woods. As a family, we went every weekend to a burn on the hwy 180 side of the San Francisco Peaks to cut and haul logs.

    We peeled the bark off while my dad flattened the sides of the logs with a chainsaw. The coolest part was driving nails with a sledge hammer!

    So began our much to extended camping trip. My dad passed away a year later but I will never forget those experiences. My parents taught us one of the most important very basic skill to survive! Becky

    Reading your blogs make me think or these times. I love them! And I love your strength and inspiration!

  4. Still loving these posts and can't wait to get to the finale. I also can't wait to see this home in person.

    Keep em coming, Dori...