Candy Bar Greeting!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Have you ever made one of these before?  If not, you really need to!  They are fun to make and fun to give! I've made many of these through the years.  I loved making them for my kids, my neices and nephews, my kids friends, my parents, teachers.... and on and on!   
They are simple to make.  This is how you do it.
Gather your supplies:
Poster Board (the heavy styrofoam kind)
All colors of Sharpie Markers
All kinds of candy - about 10 to 12 different ones
(You can figure up your "story" before you buy your candy, or you can just buy all kinds of candy and then write your story to fit - thats what I do.)
Heavy two-sided poster tape
Lay your candy out in front of you, take a pad of paper and start writing your story to fit the occassion.  The one I was making was for a graduation gift, so I was focusing on that.  Have fun and make it silly!
After you have it written out on paper, you can get very particular and measure out your sentences and words on your poster board.  I don't get that particular.  However, I do write everything out in pencil first, so that I can erase if it gets too sloppy.  Usually I just kind of wing it.  Then take your black sharpie and start writing!
I like to do the words in black so that they really stand out.  Once you have all your sentences written out in black, take your color markers and do some embellishing!
I'm not very artistic - but I do like to doodle, so I like to add that sort of thing.  Basically anything that adds color and excitement! 
Then tape on your candy with the double sided poster tape and you are done!  You can spend hours on this project.... or you can spend 30 minutes like I did. 
Here is the finished poster!
This one (below) is a blast from the past.  My son and his wife had a destination wedding on the beach in Florida three years ago, and so we all met there for a week.  I made them one of these the night before their wedding.  They were going on a cruise for their honeymoon - I figured candy would be a bit hit.  More than that it was a special memory for my son of when he was litle and I made them for fun occassions.  They loved the poster - here they are smiling as they read it. 
Next time you're not sure what to do for someone for a gift, or just a fun pick-me-up, choose to make a candy bar greeting poster!  And have fun.  (Incidentally, I think its time to make one for my five year old grand-daughter.  When I pulled this out of the car at the gradutation dinner we attended this evening her eyes bulged out and she said, "Wow Gram.  Look at all that candy"!)
Hope your week is sweet!


  1. I made one of those for my brother Dan's birthday. They are so much fun to put together and really put your creative writing to the test!

  2. These are such a good personal and fun. I would have to put my will power in action because candy bars are just about my favorite thing ever! Wishing you a good week too...Ann

  3. oh that's a cute idea!! What a fun surprise that was :)

  4. I have never seen one of these, what a great idea! I know the perfect recipient for this, too. Thanks!

  5. Love this idea! Very cute! Thanks!