The Little Red Stool (ready for its new home!)

Thursday, May 23, 2013

About a year ago, I bought this awesome vintage kitchen stool from my friend Amy (at All Things Home) when she had her barn sale.  I brought it home and immediately took it to our building where we have all our belongings in storage til we finish our house.   Its been sitting there waiting for me....
Every time I stop by our storage building, I look at the stool!  Finally, I brought it back with me to the house and in between laying tile in the bathrooms, painting on the stair risers, and helping Eldon with things I decided to redo this little stool. 
I used my awesome Frog Tape (yes, they should pay me for all the plugs I've given them this year!) to tape off all the places I didn't want the silver spray paint to hit.  I also sanded some of the rust spots a bit before spraying it with Rustoleum Silver Metallic. 
I removed all the tape and then prepped it to tape up the silver legs so that I didn't get the red on the silver.  Yes, red.  Bet you didn't have to think that one through too long huh? 
I guess you're not too surprised to know that my very all-time favorite paint is the Annie Sloan Emporers Silk with the clear wax!  I love that look.  Here it is all spiffed up in red!
I scrubbed and scrubbed on the black rubber foot pads and they are shiny and new looking now too. 
I absolutely adore it.    I have a feeling my grand-daughters are going to be fighting over who gets to sit on it!  I'm so anxious to find a perfect little spot for it in my kitchen.
Oh, speaking of my kitchen.....
I stopped by the cabinet shop on Tuesday and my cabinets were painted!  They are supposed to be delivered first thing tomorrow morning.  I'm beyond excited!

So, can't you just see this darling red stool in my white cabinet kitchen with my pretty red pendant barn lights?!  Its all coming together - in my mind at least!

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  1. Oh Dori, you fixed that stool up beautifully. You are one smart and talented lady. Your kitchen is going to be beyond gorgeous!!!

  2. Very cute! My grandmother had a stool just like that but yellow. I loved that chair! And yes me and my girl cousins fought over it all the time. :-) lots of love to you! Beck

  3. You did such a GREAT job on that stool. Red suits it perfectly! Can't wait to see it in your new kitchen.

  4. Looks great! We had one of those in my mom's kitchen when I was growing up. Exciting about the cabinets! I wrote you a while back about your LL Dunes Bay Driftwood floors. We're STILL waiting for them to be "in" - they're now telling me they're waiting for one piece of quarter round...hum... It's been almost two months now. I think the problem is with our particular LL store not giving us information up front, i.e., they were probably on back order the whole time.

  5. It looks wonderful! I've been looking for one of those stools for a while. I love seeing how you re-did it. The kitchen sounds wonderful, it will be so fun to see pictures when it's all together!

  6. Just darling - and red is my favorite color, too!

  7. I bought one of those chairs last year for $1 at a garage sale. I was so excited until I started scrubbing it up and noticed a small crack in the metal on the back piece. I cut out a cover from an old feed sack and it's been pinned together for a year waiting for me to finish it. Now that I see how wonderful yours looks, I'm going to pull mine out and get to work! I love the red!

  8. Oh my gosh. This is so cute! You will not believe it but I have one very similar sitting in my garage right now. It was left over when we closed my father-in-law's condo so I brought it home. Thanks for the tutorial on how to restore it. I seriously cannot wait to see your kitchen!

  9. Love it! I have an old red one just like it!