Oh Those Southern Auctions!

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

So what do you do when you get spring fever but it's not quite warm enough to do much on the farm?

You join the masses and go to a good ole Tennessee Auction!  Before moving to the South I had never experienced anything like this before.   It is sort of hard to explain the number of people (mostly men!) that come from all corners of the County to look at the farm equipment for sale!

Unfortunately, I saw a lot of things I wanted.  This is an old John Deere manure spreader, still in working condition.   I wanted it for the wood!  And the rusty parts.

Tractors don't interest me, but Eldon and our son in law were sure in tractor heaven.

See?  They just stood there with smiles on their faces!

Oh the junk, the wonderful, amazing old junk!

I loved this old farm wagon.  We actually bid on it.  But so did a whole lot of other farmers!

These precious grand girls of mine were the sweetest things at the auction of course!  They loved listening to the Auctioneer and mimicking him!

This was the other thing I really, really wanted.  It was an old antique seed cleaner.  All I saw was the awesome wood and how I'd like to dismantle it and hang the wood in my house!  Or make planters out of them for flower boxes.  We didn't manage to get these either.  

Let the bidding begin!  The little girls had the best vantage point and could see over everyone's heads.  

So we left without buying anything.  But it was the best day - a perfect family outing with our kids and grand-girls!  

So, the news on the farm is that Eldon was gone for over a month consulting at his old job.   Justus, our son-in-law, helped me take care of things on the farm while Eldon was gone.  We are all back to normal now with him home and eager to get started on some spring and summer projects.  Dare I mention building?  Yes, we are going to be building again.  This time Eldon's garage and shop.  I don't know whether to be excited or not!  

 I'm anxious to get my spring garden planted - mainly just peas and lettuce.  What are you planting in your spring garden?  

Have a lovely weekend - it is supposed to be warm here!  


  1. There's little better than a good auction, esp. one in the Spring and at a farm no less! And of course Eldon has to have a garage and shop - and after the house, it will seem like a walk in the park (we did the same thing!).

  2. Looks like a fun day! Had to laugh about building again...excited or not...ha....does make you think,but nothing like the house! At least you can think about planting...we have LOTS of snow yet. We are still in the dreaming of spring stage! Have a great week!

  3. Looked like a nice day for an outing at the auction. Surprise how quickly implements are out sold. Enjoy the spring planting.

  4. We've already got corn popping up, as well as beans and peas. So much fun! :)

  5. Oh yes, and I totally get it about men and tractors. My hubby fixes them so he's totally into them. You should see those things all split apart at his shop. Hoses and wires going every which direction and parts everywhere. How he gets it all put back together and actually running again is just amazing to me.