Sweetest Girls! {Wanderings Fabric Blog Tour}

Thursday, July 18, 2019

I had the amazing privilege of sewing with the Wanderings Fabric collection by Poppie Cotton.   I love this fabric collection.  The colors are such beautiful blues and pinks.  I could never decide which ones were my favorite.  I also love the low volume prints in the collection too.  

When I received the fabric in the mail all I could think of was that it would make some adorable little girl dresses!  Since I didn't have enough to sew any full size dresses for my grand-girls I decided to sew for their American Girl Dolls!!  

The more I sewed with it, the more I loved it!  In the picture above the American Girl doll MaryEllen on the left is wearing a little jumper with the most darling blouse underneath.  It is the sweetest low volume white print and makes such a darling blouse.  

This doll is the American Girl Wellie Wisher doll that is only 14 inches.  This little dress was so adorable on her that I couldn't stop smiling!  That precious pink fabric with tiny little dots is darling.


This is Kit in sweet little shorts and another blouse with a low volume white print.  I want this outfit!

And Kit's little purse!  Isn't that butterfly print just darling?

Julie's little outfit is one of my favorites!  I love the blue print of the blouse.  

This little blouse on Blair is the same print as the blue one in the picture above but in the pink color way; it is just as pretty in pink.  And there is another color way of the butterfly print in her little skirt!  

If I had to choose a favorite print in the collection I think I would choose the fabric that is in the skirt of Samantha's little dress above.  It is absolutely so beautiful and I'm afraid my picture doesn't show how beautiful it really is.  

Above is another close up of the fabric.  Isn't it mouthwatering?  Oh I love it!  

This was the most fun I've had sewing with a new fabric collection in quite awhile.  I have plans to purchase some yardage and sew dresses for my grand-girls!  And I can't wait!  

July 9:  poppiecotton.com
July 11: foxfishe.com
July 25:  abrightcorner.com
August 8:  gigisthimble.com
August 13:  poppiecotton.com

I hope you will follow along with the other bloggers that are showcasing the Wanderings Collection for the next few weeks.  It'll inspire you so that when you buy your own bundle of Wanderings, you'll be ready with project ideas!  There are so many talented makers that you will love everything they make.  There are links to all of them above!  

And in case you think these girls are spoiled rotten with American Girl Dolls... they are!  They get one each year for their birthday.  Oh and last summer they saved every penny we paid them from the flower garden and bought a new doll!  But yes... definitely American Girl doll spoiled!  But like my daughter and I say... they actually spend HOURS playing with their dolls!  They are worth every penny! 

I hope your summer is full of all kinds of fun things!  


  1. Absolutely precious & such adorable little outfits!!! American Girl dolls for the win!! Can’t wait to see the outfits you make for your grand girls ��

  2. Every outfit is sooo pretty and sweet! Love the butterfly patterns and I love Blair's skirt : )
    beautiful line.

    Dori, you are awesome! I 've been showing the blog and pictures of the farm to my family and friends and they are all in love with your house and flowers farm <3 So glad I got to met you.
    Your granddaughters are lovely -And who can resist a beautiful doll? I'm sure they will spend more hours now playing with the new wardrobe! ^-^

  3. I really enjoyed seeing the granddaughters and their dolls all so beautifully dressed. I think the girls would really enjoy having some matching mother~daughter outfits. Sweet fabric!

  4. My how they have grown, I remembered mailing them art to color when they were little. Your sewing skills are amazing.

  5. Such adorable outfits and Fabric! Your sewing skills are wonderful and everything looks so we'll made and professional.

  6. You are so talented to sew these lovely American Girl doll dresses! Those fabrics are perfect for it and I'm sure the girls love having new outfits for their dolls. Too precious!