Sew Together Bag {Betsy's Sewing Kit Fabric}

Sunday, August 21, 2022

I had such a great time sewing myself a new zipper pouch to hold all the tools I need when I'm hand sewing... especially when I'm taking a project with me somewhere.  I've been in need (or want?!) of a new for awhile now!  So when I received this amazing bundle of fabric from Poppie Cotton called Betsy's Sewing Kit... well it just seemed like the perfect time to make the perfect pouch!  

I've made the Sew Together Bag a few times before; once for myself and several for gifts.  Honestly it is just about the best zipper pouch. 

 It is actually kind of magical how many tools it will hold and then zips up to this perfect size.

The inside of it actually has three zipper pouches that create four other pouches... so altogether you end up with 7 pouches to hold tools!  It really is like magic.

Then.... you zip the entire thing up.  The way the zipper is installed, you actually even end up with "handles" on each size too.  Really it is amazing!!!

Poppie Cotton fabric is ALWAYS a dream to design and sew with.  I've sewn with a lot of their lines and every one is my favorite!   The colors, the prints... they are just so lovely and so ME!!!  Betsy's Sewing Kit collection has some of the sweetest florals and colors ever.  

One thing I especially love is the selvedge on their fabric lines.  Alway so much fun to incorporate into whatever I'm sewing.  This time was no different.  I cut the word "Betsy" off of the selvedge and just used the words "Sewing Kit" and how cute is it??  I love it!!!  

I rarely sew anything these days that I don't add some sort of big stitch hand quilting somewhere in the project.  I always love the look of it in the finish and this was no different.  I did not measure or mark my sewing lines... I just took off with my needle and thread!  I used #8 perl cotton embroidery thread and a Clover Sashiko needle.  

This Sew Together Bag pattern can be found here.  This is not a beginner pattern for the simple reason that the instructions are not that great.   However, there are so many great blog posts and youtube video tutorials that it makes it very easy (just search Sew Together Bag)!  So if you've never made this bag before and you've wanted to... now is the time!   

Be sure follow along on the other amazing makers in the Poppie Cotton Betsy's Sewing Kit tour!  You can find them here:


  1. Clever design. I am sure that I need one, but I am equally sure that it is beyond me. I really like the fabrics and the hand stitching.

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