Sweet Essentials Kit {Delightful Department Store Tour}

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Today I'm excited to share my project with this super beautiful fabric collection called Delightful Department Store by Poppie Cotton.  This is just such a fun, vintage look collection.  It has been sitting on my sewing counter for a few months as I drool over it.  I really love to have fabric speak to me before I start cutting into it and so I was patiently waiting!  

This is such fun fabric... sweet little florals, perfect ginghams, department store receipts, and the best vintage ladies ever!  You can read all about the details behind the designing of the fabric collection here.  

I have a little grand-daughter turning twelve today.  My husband and I got her some things for her horse but I also like to gift some little home sewn item.  So here's the thing about Rosetta.  She's an incredibly active girl... she rides horses, runs in Cross Country, helps around the farm, swims competitively, and rides her mountain bike.  She doesn't do anything at a walk... always a run, full speed ahead!  So, here's the dilemma: what do I sew for her?  

Recently when she was talking about sore muscles I thought of a heating pad for her but instead I decided  a good old fashioned hot water bottle would be fun!!!  So...  I found a pattern on Pinterest I liked and the next thing you know I made her the most adorable hot water bottle cover!  

I really enjoyed this pattern and I plan to make myself one now!  The hand quilting on it is my favorite of course! 

I also decided to make her a fun little boxy pouch filled with all the things for a young girl... epsom salt soaks, face masks, lotions, and her little monthly essentials.  

I love this boxy pouch pattern.  The pattern is called the Holland Pouch by Center Street Quilts.  I've made so many of these I've lost count.  If you've ever wanted to the try making a Boxy Pouch, this is the pattern to use!  

One thing I did on this pouch that I've never tried before was that I laminated the interior fabric to make it water proof.  I'm not sure it was necessary but I wanted to try it.  Thermoweb company sent me some Iron-On Vinyl to try and it was super fun to work with!  The only thing I didn't like on this pouch was that it did make it kind of stiff.  

I love this collection of fabric and the vintage feel to the florals, the ginghams and of course those darling ladies!  

And... the end of the story is that Rosetta was over the moon with her gift!!!  


  1. I love the hot water bottle cover and boxy pouch!

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