Dresden Plates {Prairie Sisters Homestead Fabric Tour}

Monday, August 7, 2023

Have you ever sewn Dresden Plates?  Can you believe that I have only done them one time in a simple little project?  I've always wanted to do more, but they really intimidate me and look super complicated.  

When I received the latest fabric collection designed by Lori Woods  from Poppie Cotton, called Prairie Sisters Homestead, all I could think is that I wanted it used in my kitchen/dining room area!  It took me awhile to figure out exactly what I wanted and once I did.. it was game on!  

Once, years ago, a friend made me a Dresden Plate table topper for my round dining room table.  I have loved that for years so I decided that was what I really wanted to do with the new Prairie Sisters collection.  A new, bright and cheerful table topper!

I know there are amazing Dresden Plate cutting rulers that make the whole process easier but since I don't have any, I was kind of winging it with the pattern.   I read plenty of blog posts and tutorials so I knew the general process and I just jumped right in, without really having too much of a plan except that I would use each of the fabrics from the collection.   

After I played with it for awhile I realized that I wanted all the points to be the different gingham prints in the collection.  I'm a sucker for gingham anyway, but these gingham prints are SO perfect!!!  The colors are absolutely gorgeous.   I mean, seriously, look how beautiful those are!  

I used one of the darling little patchwork prints for the center of the topper.   There are three colorways in the patchwork and I chose the yellow one.  It's such a sweet print... fussy cutting those little chickens and flowers are the funnest!  

And of course... I literally cannot EVER make a project from Poppie Cotton fabric that I do not do some hand quilting and this was absolute the best part of the project!  

I attached the center circle with a simple hand sewn buttonhole stitch and I love how it looks.  I have all kinds of favorite places to hand sew in my house and on my porches but on the rainy day this last week, I enjoyed sitting in the recliner in my guest bedroom where the natural light was so beautiful coming in the windows!  

And then... there was one more quick project because I absolutely couldn't get enough of this fabric! I've been wanting to make a topper for my little coffee station in my dining room and cutting sweet little patchwork squares and sewing them together was fast and adorable!  

The only problem is that I wanted something waterproof.  I've looked at all kinds of vinyl fabrics online and haven't like the looks for any of them.   So I decided to try a Thermoweb product called Liquid Vinyl.  You literally use a paint brush and "paint" your fabric with the this thick sticky product.  Three coats... letting it dry in between each coat.  Wow was I nervous.  I didn't want to ruin my sweet little patchwork topper but I read enough reviews that I knew it would work.  SOOOO... three coats of liquid vinyl later and guess what???  I have a waterproof coffee station topper out of the perfect fabric!  

The fabric does take on a little different look, as you can see in the pictures.  It has a bit of a sheen to it, but honestly it is so pretty!  I've had more people comment about it... "hey is this fabric actually water proof"?  Smile!  

And last, but NEVER least....  just about every single line of Poppie Cotton fabric has the most perfectly precious selvedge.  I always use it in my project somewhere and WOW, WOW, WOW I love this one!!!  It is me to total perfection.  Chickens of course...  but definitely "farm livin' is the life for me"!!  

Get the fabric, my farm loving friends!!!  It is THE BEST!!!!!  


  1. Your projects are simply adorable! And that selvege was the icing on the cake😎

  2. Wow, what fun projects! I am already in love with this fabric. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Is there a pattern? My table is the same shape and size.

  4. Love this so much! Lost my sewing passion in 2021 but you have inspried me. Going to dust my sewing room and thread my needle to make both of these projects. Thank you for getting me inspired again. If time to share what size circle did you use and length of your strips to make this beautful projct.

  5. I absolutely adored your recent blog post about Dresden Plates and Prairie Sisters. Thank you for sharing both the heartwarming stories and practical queries in your posts. It just goes to show how the blogging world can encompass such a wide range of interests and needs. Looking forward to your future posts!
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