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Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Recently I was contacted by Bosch wanting to know if I would be interested in being interviewed as part of their Not Your Mother's Holiday Feast article about a recipe that I love but is not the usual traditional Holiday recipe.  Of course I said yes.  Most of you that follow me know that I've owned and used a Bosch Universal Mixer for most of my entire married life... almost 35 years!  So to be a part of their Holiday round-up was super exciting.  

Today, I was given the link to the interview with all four of the Blogging Chefs (YES!  That is what they called me.  YIKES!)  and I'm kind of shocked to see my blog in the line-up with three other amazing (real) blogging chefs!  

I'm sharing the copy of the Bosch article below, as well as a link to the full interview with me here!    Be sure to read the full interviews of the other three bloggers too!  I've loved reading them.  

Also, come back here tomorrow where I'll be sharing my German Apple Pancake recipe with step by step instructions so you can make it this weekend!  You will love this recipe! 

Not Your Mother's Holiday Feast: Baking Bloggers Dish Up Unique Recipes for the Holidays

No matter your family’s race, culture, or religion, good food always brings everyone together. While your traditional family favorites should never be forgotten, don’t be afraid to mix it up this holiday and try something new. When you introduce a new, unexpected dish to your family this season, you may even start a new tradition. In an attempt to help wow your family’s taste buds this holiday, we’ve asked four amazing blog chefs to share some of their holiday favorites with us at Bosch, and with all of you.

Charlotte Rutledge

If Charlotte’s job as a Developmental Manager and Recipe Tester for King Arthur Flour doesn’t speak for itself, then her cooking definitely will. Charlotte recommended that we try a French treat called galette des rois.

“A galette des rois, or the French version of king cake...Traditionally in France, the galette gets baked with a fève (dried bean) in the filling. When it’s served the whole galette is galettes of different sizes, and whoever gets the bean enjoys the honor of being king (or queen) for the day.”

Charlotte enjoyed this dish around the holidays as a child, but with her job keeping her busy she hadn’t made it in some time. However, she’s recently started making it again to keep the tradition alive for her young daughter, it’s a family favorite for them and it will be for you to.

“I loved the element of surprise and excitement while eating my slice just as much as I loved the combination of tender, buttery pastry and moist, rich almond cream.”

Read her whole interview here for more information on how to make this tasty treat that your guests will love.

Jeff Hertzberg, M.D.

As a co-author of The New Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day, running his blog, Breadin5 with co-author Zoe Francois, and his consultation work, Jeff is a busy guy, but still had time to give us his favorite holiday dish. Jeff shared two traditional Jewish dishes that his family has to have every year, latkes and paninis.

Jeff gives a little insight into traditional latkes: “It’s all about fried things for Hanukah—commemorating the ancient Jerusalem temple lamp that miraculously stayed lit for eight nights when there was only enough oil for one. So for us, fried potato pancakes (latkes) are traditional.”

As is customary with meals prepared for Hanukah, both these dishes are fried in oil, which also makes them delicious. Latkes are essentially fried pancakes made out of potatoes. While there are various methods of preparing paninis, Jeff and his family make theirs with olive oil and delicious goat cheese.

“...we may crank out some latkes, but the fried holiday food we’re making will be panini—grilled cheese sandwiches done the Italian way, on a press, in olive oil. That’s the perfect fried food for this particular Hanukkah.”

If either of these yummy dishes sound like something your family would love, check out our interview with Jeff and get ahold of his recipes.

Teri Hutcheon

If you’re looking for something a little lighter and healthier to add to your table this year, include a recipe from Teri’s blog, A Foodie Stays Fit. Teri has a lot of healthy recipes that your family will love, but she recommends you try her delicious kale salad.

“I like having something GREEN at the table since meals can quickly get carb heavy, but the cheese makes it still feel a bit indulgent. (I sometimes throw crispy bacon into the mix too!) It comes together really quickly which is important during the busy holiday season!”

With all the other carb-filled amazingness on your plate, your guests will appreciate something healthy, and you can always indulge a little by adding some cheese or bacon bits.

“I love making a kale salad with clementines, chopped almonds and pecorino romano. The textures are amazing with the crunchy almonds, sweet clementines and chewy dried cranberries. Even my husband, who isn’t really a salad person, loves it.”

The tangy clementines pair perfectly with the sweet cranberries, and the almonds give the perfect crunch. Check out our interview with Teri and get a copy of her kale salad recipe to add to your table this season.  

Dori Troutman

Simply by skimming through Dori’s blog, The Red Feedsack, it’s easy to see that she knows how to make good food. Out of her many tasty dishes, Dori shares that one of her favorite holiday treats is apple pancakes.

“My favorite non-traditional recipe is a wonderful Apple Pancake cooked in the oven in a large cast iron skillet! There is something about it that says “home” and “comfort” and “family”.  And I love that.”

The great thing about this dish is that it can be made as a dessert after your dinner, or you can make it as a special breakfast. In our interview, Dori shares how special this recipe is to her and how it’s become a family tradition that they all cherish and has even been passed on to her daughter and grandchildren.

“This recipe holds a lot of special memories for me.  Probably the ones that I love the most are making this for my children all their lives... And now that my daughter is grown and has a family of her own she serves it frequently for her little family and I love that.”  

If you think your family would love this non-traditional treat, take a look at our interview with Dori and get ahold of her amazing recipe.

Try Making New Traditions This Holiday Season

Family recipes are part of what makes the holidays so special, but don’t be afraid to make memories by trying new recipes and creating new traditions. We guarantee that you and your guests will love all of these recipes and will likely request you make them next year too.


  1. Congratulations, Dori! Your recipe looks amazing and I'm so glad that you are passing it down to your grands. Enjoy!

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